Rak Khun Tao Fah ep 1

26 Jul

UPDATE: RKTF with Chinese subs
Anyone has news on Eng subs?

I sure am posting a lot on a drama whose plot I’d been panning since reading about it. XD I can’t help it, the cast is too amazing for me to resist taking a peak. I watched the first episode without subs but it wasn’t too hard to understand what was going on even with my limited lakorn-learned Thai (drama watching is definitely a legitimate language learning tool!!) and it reaffirmed both my distaste for the plot and my love for the cast.

– KEN AND PLOY NEED TO BE THE OTP IN ANOTHER LAKORN ASAP. I was a little disappointed that the lakorn didn’t show Teera and Pim’s courtship phase and started off with them already madly in love and ready for marriage but I guess there are too many relationships to cram into 12 (?) episodes so they gotta move fast! Despite the lack of development shown for this couple, Ken and Ploy had such amazing chemistry I had no problems buying into their love. Who needs plot when you have such beautiful people cuddling, kissing and being all kinds of adorable? Unfortunately it’s already the beginning of the end for our pretty couple had started fighting by the end of the episode thanks to Teera’s mom and I think Ploy will only be around for the next 1.5-2 episodes. I thought I’d never be able to ship Ken with anyone except Ann but apparently not so here’s hoping I’ll see Ken/Ploy in a lakorn with a better story.

narak tee sud ~~~

– Creepy mom is creepy. Ok, I get that this drama is about a mother’s love for her child and the child’s duty towards his mother but making yourself sick on purpose to the point of having to be warded in the ICU to wreck your son’s wedding is just wrong on so many levels. When Creepy Mom laid on the hospital bed and said ‘Teera loves mom more than a woman’ when she learned that he left the wedding for her (or something along that line), I was like WTFFFFFF. I’d understand if she hated Pim for some reason but it appears that she really doesn’t care who Teera dates as long as he doesn’t get married. Also, I initially thought Teera was an only son which would explained (slightly) Creepy Mom’s extreme attachment to her son but, unless my understanding is totally off, Teera has an older sister who still visits frequently after she got married. So what gives? Any parent out there who would like to tell me that this is a perfectly normal way to feel about your child?

I initially said I was going to pass over this lakorn but I think I will be watching it after all for the pretty and ff any scenes with Creepy Mom inside. I can even watch it without subs since I don’t care about plot at all!

One Response to “Rak Khun Tao Fah ep 1”

  1. Anonymous July 30, 2012 at 11:51 AM #

    Oh yes, yes please, please watch it. Be one of my barometers to help me determine whether I should check it out myself. “distaste for the plot and my love for the cast” –> I can only say I feel you.

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