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15 Jul

I thought ‘The Magic Blade’ was gonna bring me back to drama-watching but alas, all the fun slash couldn’t make me care for Fu Hong Xue and I figured it was time to abandon ship when I started laughing at the hero’s angsty times. It did pique my interest in the wuxia genre again and I ended up obsessing over the ‘Listening to Snow Pavilion (听雪楼)’ novel series that I randomly picked up. So, still no dramas for me. (Well, technically I’m following Burn Notice and White Collar but they feel more like old friends that I meet up with for some chillax time every week unlike Asian dramas which can get me invested mind, body and soul!)

But, a couple of upcoming lakorns may just do the trick.

Ann is back with ‘Qi Pao’! I kept my expectations low for this because a) I didn’t fancy the story of ‘Roy Mai’ which belonged to the same fabric series b) the p’ek Smart is not exactly known for his acting skills. The teaser has managed to lift my anticipation for it though and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the actual lakorn will be as suspenseful as the teaser promised.

‘Rang Ngao’ is a remake of Ken/Ann’s first lakorn and tells of the tale of a woman who assumes the identity of her twin to avenge her death. I already know the story (not compelling enough for me to finish the original drama) and Kane P’s acting seems quite raw from the clips I’ve watched so far but I’m pretty excited to see Janie play twins who are different as night and day.

And for the Adam Couple fans on my f-list, they reunited at a Beijing concert yesterday! Too bad they didn’t perform ‘Trouble Maker’ as the initial leaked programme said but We Fell in Love was cute and sweet as always. The highlight for Adam fans though is at the ending where Kwonnie and his bu-in put their arms around each other as they walked off stage. ❤

8 Responses to “What’s next”

  1. att123 July 15, 2012 at 2:23 PM #

    Qi Pao looks pretty good. I definitely want to check that out!

    Rang Ngao looks a little too intense and I’ve been meaning to check out the orginal. Maybe after I finish Ken/Anne’s version.

    I hope that you can find an asian drama soon! It’s always a little strange when you can’t find one to watch.

    • J July 16, 2012 at 2:19 AM #

      2012 RN appears to have much more bitch slapping going on than the original version. XD
      I know! It’s weird not to be watching at least one Asian drama since I’m into dramas from so many countries. Can’t believe I can’t find one between Japan,Korea,Thailand,Taiwan,HK,China,Singapore! D:

  2. Anonymous July 16, 2012 at 4:55 AM #

    Yay, I’m so excited to hear that you are joining the lakorn blogging once again 🙂 Fia

    • J July 16, 2012 at 6:04 AM #

      I certainly hope the upcoming lakorns will give me a reason to!

  3. Anonymous July 21, 2012 at 1:55 AM #

    Ah you didn’t finish the original Rang Ngao. Well I don’t blame you, the first 7 episodes were dreadful. The script is fantastic. She first thought they drove her sister to her death but realize in the end it was her sister who was the one who decided her own fate. It was quite touching. I know there are a few lots of people complaining about how the weaker twin was at fault for committing adultery but the lakorn did justification to her naivety, not that that justify her wrongful act of sleeping with a married man. She didn’t necessarily home-wreck the family as they were already in the process of a broken home. The only disappointed aspect of the lakorn was pra ek raping nang ek. It was just so RANDOM!

    At first I was hesitant to watch Qi Pao, well Smart isn’t really my cup of tea. If their acting suck, they ought to at least fadazzle me with their looks (yes I am being shallow at the moment). But after the teaser I believe in Ann. I think she has some kind of magical power that just draws you in.

    • J July 21, 2012 at 3:27 AM #

      Is the later half of the original Rang Ngao worth watching? I left off at around ep5,6.
      The characters Smart played in Mae Ka Khanom Wan and Tard Ruk helped get him in my list of ‘poor actors I don’t mind watching’ but I too was disappointed that he was cast opposite Ann in Qi Pao as I feel she deserves to play off a much stronger actor. But well, I’ll leave my judgement till I watch the lakorn. Perhaps we will be pleasantly surprise? Heeeh.

      • Anonymous July 22, 2012 at 3:54 AM #

        yes yes watch it. just be prepared to be disappointed when that one particular scene happen. other than that this is one of my favorite lakorn. characters were complex and intense. I also liked it a lot bc I somehow can relate to the female lead. have u ever heard of twinless twin? it was not brought up in the lakorn verbally and I don’t think the writer/producer planned on it but it was acknowledge thru her actions and some flashbacks thru out the lakorn.

      • J July 22, 2012 at 1:34 PM #

        I just picked RN up from ep 6 and it’s more interesting than I remembered. Haaa, perhaps because now Nin is in charge and we’re finally having more scenes of Veekit?

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