Stepfather Step -Chapter 6

8 Jul

I don’t mean to let this space languish for so long but nothing on tv is appealing to me at the moment. I’m only following ‘Burn Notice’ now and waiting for ‘White Collar’ to return but I’m happy enough just reblogging beautiful gif sets of said shows on tumblr. D: I can’t believe this is happening to a drama-addict like me.

Anyway, I got managed to finish Chapter 6 between mindless reblogging on tumblr. It’s a short one and the next chapter will wrap up the first story in the novel.


‘How did it go?’

I could only shake my head when faced with questions from the breathless twins.

‘What? You didn’t manage to steal any money?’

‘Didn’t you find any?’

‘We delayed her for a good 15 minutes ya know.’

That may be true but when I was considering if I should climb up the attic, I heard the twins outside the window saying ‘It’s fine now, thank you.’ and had to quickly make my exit.
‘I find it really strange.’

Tadashi and Satoshi listened wide-eye as I finished explaining.

‘That’s a house of mirrors.’ Satoshi said.

‘Iguchi-san must be a narcissist.’ Tadashi said with a laugh.

‘She likes ‘The 87th Precinct’ and Dury Lane. Do they have anything in common?’

‘The name of both authors begin with E.’

‘Papa, do you often read crime novels?’

As I was deep in thought, I didn’t notice them calling me ‘Papa’ and ended up answering them naturally, ‘Sometimes, to pass time.’

The twins beamed at my answer and said, ‘We read them too, but not just to pass time.’
‘Because they are really interesting. We like both Queen and McBain but why does Iguchi-san choose only Dury Lane if she reads Queen? It’s strange.’

The twins were happily coming up with all kinds of theories but I sat silently beside them, my mind whirring.

The sound of a person in the attic.

A sudden and enormous inheritance.

Iguchi Masako who was always plugged into her walkman in Tokyo suddenly lost interest in it when she moved here.

The bright flashing lights at the intercom.

Specially going to the next town to get a cab.

No telephone lines.

And strangest of all, all those mirrors … …

It took me two whole days to figure out the answer.

I was shaving in the morning when I saw Satoshi’s face reflected in the mirror and a thought suddenly flashed across my mind.

I see, Iguchi Masako needed those mirrors.

‘Satoshi!’ I quickly called him without regard to the fact that there was still foam on my fact.

‘What’s the matter?’

‘When you and Tadashi saw Iguchi Masako …’

‘You mean when she ignored us when we greeted her?’

‘Yes. Did you have a good look at her face?’

He shook his head.

‘Well, I only got a close look at her face when we pretended that water supply in our house was cut off. She didn’t come over to say hi when she moved in.’

Just then, Tadashi walked in as he shouted ‘Breakfast’s ready!’


‘What’s the matter?’

‘Was Iguchi shocked by the thunderstorm that day?’

Tadashi gave a look that said ‘why are you asking about such a thing now’. He smiled and replied, ‘I guess so, because she said ‘The noise was so loud I thought something exploded.” while Satoshi nodded his head furiously.

I asked another question.

‘Was the woman you first saw the same person as the woman who came to help with your water problem?’

The twins looked at each other thoughtfully and asked me another question instead.

‘Papa, are you still clear minded?’

Oh yes, my mind was very much clearer than you’d imagine kiddos.

Next up —

First I contacted Yanase-san to ask him for help in investigating something. Thereafter , I got the twins to go to their neightbour’s house, also to investigate something.

Then all I had to do was climb to the neighbour’s house from the roof. Of course, I had to pick a night without any clouds in the sky.

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  1. Suzuna Souma (@Suzusan18) November 19, 2015 at 3:40 AM #

    I really love you for doing this! I can’t Japanese or Chinese so I’m really gratefull and really appreciate your work! Please keep it up 🙂

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