To Watch: Jdrama

19 May

Oh Japan, when will you ever give me back those glorious love dramas which accompanied through my younger days and are forever etched in my heart and mind? When I scroll through what’s on air these days, it’s 50% mystery dramas based on mystery novels (70% of which seemed to be written by Higashino Keigo. Now, I like reading his novels too but really, this is getting a bit much. I wonder how long it will take before tv stations run out of Higashino novels to adapt.), 30% procedurals, 10% period and the rest comedies. I appreciate how Jdramas deal with a wide range of topics including the less than savoury ones but I want my love dramas back! Perhaps that why I enjoyed ‘My 99 Days with a Star’ so much despite the thin plot, I just needed a dose of Jdrama style romance. If you have any old school romance Jdrama to recommend, please leave a comment!

Anyhow, I still picked out some recent Jdramas to check out.

W no Higeki (The Tragedy of W): Rich girl/poor girl who look alike switch identities and changes their destiny.

Papadol: Nishikido Ryo playing Nishikido Ryo getting hitched to an older divorcee with kids. Ah, the fun that comes with being a Johnny’s idol. This should be interesting in light of the whole Jin marriage debacle.

Legal High: The story sounds so-so and I’m allergic to Aragaki Yui but it has Sakai Masato (!!) playing a sharp-tongue lawyer who has never lost a case. Hmm, this is giving me the Hayami vibes which means I at least need to watch one episode just to watch him speak. XD

Hanchou 5: Sasaki Kuranosuke might be my top oji-san crush (tied with Nishijima Hidetoshi) but he didn’t help me get into the previous Hanchou series. This time though Azumi gets transferred from the precinct to Tokyo and it might be interesting to see him adjust to the new environment. Having Fukushi Seiji on the cast definitely helps too. Yes, I have my standards.

Suitei Yuuzai (Assumption is Guilty): Heavy duty kinda drama which I’m not inclined to watch but like Legal High, the cast of Nakamura Toru + Kuroki Hitomi is giving me cause for consideration.

How did I leave out Kagi no Kakatta Heya (The Locked Room)? I’ve missed you Toda Erika! Speaking of which, I really need to remember to get started on SPEC which everyone seems to love.

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