Mook Liam Petch first impression

18 May


I think I’m up to ep 3-ish of MLP but I’m not too sure as the subber labels the vids by parts instead of episodes. The drama opens with a lol-tastic diamond heist by what must surely be the most inept bunch of robbers I’ve seen on tv. However, the police managed to outdo them in the incompetence department which allowed our robbers to make a successful getaway. I mean, the news crew was able to get their helicopter onto the building but the police didn’t think of doing that when the robbers were obviously blockaded on the roof? Then our silly robbers who donned masks when they were in the building with the CCTV cut off took off said masks when hijacking the news crew’s heli and in the process got their faces broadcasted on national tv. But wait, apparently no one noticed this helpful fact and the diamond’s owners/police/insurance company are still trying to identify the robbers. *facepalm* The action scenes per se are still acceptable but the tv stations really need to do a better job with the writing.

Anyhow, the ‘successful’ heist sets the stage for our n’ek to get close to the p’ek in a bid to recover the diamond. Initially it was funny to see Nu Mook ham it up to play the air-headed Barbie and it was quite entertaining to watch Petch give her the poisonous tongue treatment while we know that Mook doesn’t give a rat’s ass about it but we have been going around in circles for a while now, I would appreciate it if we get some kind of progress on their relationship as well as the plot. On Krit/Rucha’s side, visually I like seeing Tah and Vicky together but Rucha is so annoying I want to lock her up and keep her away from messing up Krit’s plans. Someone please tell me Rucha gets better later on! [Digressing from the lakorn … Tah: am I alone in finding him hot?? I think he looks really good with Susie too. XD Vicky: Among the recent celebrity weddings, I am most touched by Chai and Vicky’s. They are sooo adorable and sweet together. Vicky will take care of Chai]

Other special mentions … I’m oddly tickled by Jenjob’s scenes with Petch since I already know where his true, er herm, interest lies. Oh boy Petch, you have no idea. It was also nice to see the ladies have real fights and it’s not over a man!

Verdict on MLP so far: neither the plot nor the not-yet-budding romance engages me much but it’s generally entertaining enough to keep me watching.
— — —

I swore not to touch CLAMP’s stuff ever again after they trolled me with xxxHolic: Rou but … but … I just found out Legal Drug resumed serialisation under the new title of Drug & Drop and I hesitated for about 2 seconds before googling for scanlations. I shall now spend my weekend re-reading LD (which was last released 9 years ago!! A strong heart and LOTS of patience are prerequisites for CLAMP readers) and catching up on D&D. Apparently Watanuki makes a cameo in D&D. I’m usually happy to see cross-overs but now I just want to kick Watanuki in the face.

7 Responses to “Mook Liam Petch first impression”

  1. Anonymous May 19, 2012 at 12:51 AM #

    I’m afraid Tah and Vicky’s relationship will only get more annoying lol. I guess the OTP’s romance didn’t get you to spazz as much as it did to me! Ah well, a lakorn is a lakorn is a lakorn. Whatcha gonna do? They’re never perfect, sigh.
    It must be Friday cause my brain is fried and I can’t seem to write coherently! -Toodles, Fia

    • J May 19, 2012 at 5:23 AM #

      Woah, they manage to get more annoying? That’s what the fast forward button is for! XD I’m giving the OTP a bit more time since they haven’t really start getting into each other yet, hopefully they will give me a pleasant surprise.
      So what other dramas/entertainment stuff are you catching up on since lakorns are on hold?

      • Anonymous May 19, 2012 at 5:44 AM #

        Haven’t been watching dramas lately, work has been keeping me busy. Although, I am at a standstill as far as picking my next project/obsession. If I had something new to spazz over, then maybe I would be more involved in drama watching ha. Unfortunately Torranee is looking like it’s never going to air and I can’t just keep holding out for it. What to do? I’ve got quite the dilemma.
        Or I can just read your posts and be live vicariously through your drama viewings.
        How’s it feel being back home now? I so miss Singapore. And guess what? The hubby is in Bangkok now, obviously without me. How rude. It’s so not fair. If I wasn’t working, I would be all over that. Definitely going back home next year!

      • J May 19, 2012 at 7:51 AM #

        lol, I’m actually already planning a next trip to Bangkok in the coming months! Thailand is such an easy place for Singaporeans to hop over for a weekend getaway. =P I’m melting in the Singapore heat now though, making me almost glad to be working on weekdays where at least I’ll be cocooned in an air-conditioned office for the day.
        I’m sifting through the list of Japanese/Korea/HK dramas that I’ve missed during my hols and hopefully I will find something I like. Lakorn wise I should only be continuing on MLP and mayyyyybe give Dok Soke a shot but it all depends on how soon the subs are release.

  2. Anonymous May 30, 2012 at 3:45 AM #

    I don’t know what episode I am on either but I’m on the most recent clip TheCurvey has uploaded. Chenjob scares the living banana out of me. I am not too fond of the action stuff nor the storyline, it seems like it isn’t moving. But the koo kib (cute scenes) are spot on between the pranangs. But as for Rucha, she drives me nuts and still does, to the point where I do not want Tah’s character to end up with her. You are not the only drooling for Tah. I never seen this side of him, I always thought he was a Korean wannabe (Oum Ruk ruined his image and left me with a bad impression but he has turned the table on me lol). Hopefully he keeps this style.

    • J June 7, 2012 at 7:30 AM #

      If you didn’t mentioned I’d have forgotten Tah was in Oum Rak. lol. I noticed him from Namtan Mai but only liked him in Kularb Rai Narm.

  3. Mouna October 10, 2015 at 1:16 AM #

    I did understand Jenjob at first but after the attack on berj, I was shocked by the twist of the situation he is in love with him OMG. I laughed so hard and did tell myself wow he keep this love for so long without tell him so at the end I wondered why didn’t confessed at first you would have lost him and turn like this.

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