Pang Sanaeha – the D couple

15 Apr

‘Wut’ Asadawut Lerngsoontorn as Dennis / ‘Benz’ Punyaporn Pongpipat as Deun

Not a nice shot of the couple but there aren’t many to be found since they are not the main OTP. I have only watched/tried watching 3 Ch7 lakorns so far so I’m not familiar with their artistes except for those who always make it to the entertainment pages. Apparently Wut used to be Ch7’s leading man? Hmm, can anyone recommend a good lakorn by Wut? But then again, there might not be subs available for the older ones. D:


I might be the only one who feels this way but I would be interested in watching their story! Like how they met, got together, how they used to be before Praidao’s accident and ideally how Dennis decides to quit for Deun’s sake. Lol, but that kind of storyline is reserved for p’eks not villains.

2 Responses to “Pang Sanaeha – the D couple”

  1. Anonymous April 26, 2012 at 10:54 PM #

    Oh that one scene was so random when Tae went to this lady’s place and she was explaining about Duen and Praidao’s behavior. I think she married him for money. I think I would forever feel guilty knowing that I live in luxury with the illegal money my husband makes. I don’t think I can ever live with myself knowing blood and lives have been taken because of the business my husband do. I just couldn’t watch Dennis and Duen. Wut is in his 40s. Benz is in her 20s. -fun

    • J April 29, 2012 at 8:45 AM #

      When that lady mentioned about Duen marrying for the money and Praidao being spoilt and ill-tempered, I thought there would be surprises waiting for us when Siangwan returns to being Praidao but nope, random scene was random.
      I do believe money was part of the reason Duen married Dennis since she did mention life being hard after their parents died. Of course, one could say she took the easy way out and was living off Dennis’ blood money but the romantic in me chooses to believe love was a big factor too. Then again, Dennis was written as a BIG BAD VILLAIN especially in the later half and Duen’s soft attitude could be a turn off for the audience.
      Woah, didn’t know that their age difference was this big but I suppose I don’t mind it as long as the guy is hot enough. lol.

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