Pang Sanaeha rant

15 Apr

Spoilery rant ahead. Read it to save yourself the trouble of actually watching the show.

Bah, to think I was banking on PS to help turn my opinion of Ch7 around. It started off well enough and I was glad that this lakorn did not focus solely on romance and introduced some variety with a mixture of supernatural, mystery and humour but it all fell apart in the second half with the horrendous writing and the poor production/editing sure did not help matters. The lakorn is based on a novel and since I don’t read Thai, I’m not sure how much of the drama’s plot should be blamed on the novelist or the scriptwriter.

First, poor resolution to the mysteries. The Ketsarina line was dragged on for soooo long, with Sak then Oi getting haunted endlessly, they getting freaked out endlessly, the witch doctor always failing to get rid of Ketsarina and it goes on and on and on. I thought Ketsarina wanted to approach Tae to tell him who killed her so they can be arrested and she can move on after justice is served. But because she has a green light perpetually shining on her face to make her look scary, Tae never sticks around long enough to hear her out. Later, when people at the farm finally figured to just freaking ask Ketsarina already what she wants, it somehow turned into Tae and co. having to find out by their own efforts who the real culprit is. Even after going in circles forever and Oi is finally found to be involved as well, the lakorn never properly explained what went on between Sak/Oi/Ket/Tot. Ket and Tot were a couple, Oi bullied Ket because she wanted to get Tot then somehow in between Ket breaks up with Tot and got together with Sak though she doesn’t love Sak? Then Oi instigated Sak to beat Ket to death? WTH. And whose body was that that Oi led Tot to dig up? Ket said it wasn’t hers but nothing ever came out of it.

The Siangwaan/Paul related mysteries at least got a decent answer and my complaints on them are related to the lousy characterisation and development of romance which I will rant on later. Oh yes, the bomb on Deun/Sumalee dropped by Jenjira at the end was explained by Kudalakorn in the yt vid comment that according to the novel, Sumalee = Deun and the house was put under the name of Sumalee so that Deun will have something in case Denis is arrested/dies and had all his possessions taken away. That makes sense but why you no tell me this in the lakorn??? How is the audience suppose to magically infer this from Deun’s line that she had to sign a complicated marriage certificate with Dennis? *bangs head on wall*

Since we’re on Dennis and Deun … I actually like this pairing the most out of the lot (yea, and he’s the villian. That says a lot on how much I’m into the main OTPs) and I was really disappointed by how Dennis was written. Ah, suddenly remembered another thing that wasn’t explained. Who cut Praidao’s brakes? It was implied by Paul and Deun that Dennis was behind it because Dao found out some of Dennis’ secrets and even Dennis himself told the comatose Dao that he would have to kill her if she woke up but this plot point was never touched on later and the brakes thing was only used to make Deun misunderstand her sister and Paul. Back to Dennis. In the later half, he is often shown to be disrespectful to Deun, deriding her, constantly insinuating that she’s got something going on with Paul and generally being even more of an ass than he was in the first half. How on earth can he supposedly love Deun and not care when he hurts her like this? On the other hand, he didn’t actually force her to go for an abortion though I was half expecting him to and when she wanted to leave, he begged her to stay saying that she is the only women who meant anything to him and the Sumalee thing showed that he cares enough to provide for her. Even Paul was always reminding Deun that Dennis loves her a lot for some strange reason but Dennis’ actions and attitude towards Deun flip flopped too much that his death scene turned out a lot less touching. If his love for Deun had been better written to be his one redeeming quality, it would have been more touching/ironic when Deun turned out to be the one to kill him. In the end he understood why Deun did what she did and still loved her but because his character wasn’t properly moulded, his final scene simply wasn’t convincing enough.

Regarding the two main couples, I still think it would have been good to have Tae/Sri and Paul/Dao as the end game! I’ve mentioned many times that Tae has way more chemistry with Sri and whenever he was supposed to be looking lovingly at Dao, his stares felt more lecherous/stalkerish than loving. Erm, I suppose I could fault this on Tle’s poor acting and at the very least Tae/Dao had some kind of process of getting to know each other and falling in love (though it was weak as well) whereas for Paul/Sri, the lakorn did mostly telling instead of showing. We’re told that Petch/Sri were a couple 10 years ago before he disappeared suddenly and now that Petch is back as Paul, they still love each other. Fine, we get such stuff in lakorns a lot but there’s no further development of their romance. They argue 90% of the time they meet and they don’t even spend that much time together in the show. I’m just supposed to accept that they lurvvvv each other and applaud when the obstacles are removed and they can be together. Sorry, I simply don’t buy their love. Meh, or maybe I’m the odd one out ‘cos from what I see on the forums/yt comments, Paul/Sri appear to be the most popular pairing and many don’t like Deun because she was apparently too weak with Dennis. I’m neutral about Deun as a character but I suppose I like the angst prospect of Dennis/Deun which unfortunately was not realised.

Final thing to pick on, the later half suffered from sloppy production and choppy editing. In one painfully obvious oversight, Dao left the house in one dress and ended up in another by the time she got to her car. Scenes at the farm also alternate between day and night time depending on which part of the farm you are on though the events were supposed to be taking place at the same time.

If the show was that bad, why did I bother sitting through the whole thing? Sigh, the show drew me in with the mysteries and I stuck with it because I wanted to get some answers but sadly it fell short by a mile.

10 Responses to “Pang Sanaeha rant”

  1. jamieguo48 April 15, 2012 at 9:04 PM #

    I’m thinking all this must have been explained much better in the book, so I don’t fault the novelist. And I doubt the novelist could be responsible for this fail in writing, as surely they’ll know what pieces of the story could be cut and where, unless they’re a complete noob.

    Really, this story has enough plot to fill 20 episodes properly and I wish to see it remade in the future with a better cast, director and screenwriter. I mean, just think of all the things that they could have expounded upon.

    We don’t even get the whole story about the Oi/Ket thing. And I was confused as well about Ket saying it wasn’t her body. I think they must have chopped something else from the novel, where they find a body but it belongs to another ghost or something. Or maybe Ket/Oi/Sak accidentally killed someone and buried the body. Then Oi gets Sak to kill Ket who wants to talk.

    For me, all the couples worked to some extent. Burly, manly Tie is a complete opposite to delicate Min, with Kan and Cheer, Cheer seems like the only one tough enough to tame Kan, and Deun’s warmth and softness to Dennis’ toughness and cold. I saw Tie and Cheer’s chemistry as more the friendly kind.

    Hated the endings for all the couples, Tie drugging Sri (sooo stoopid), Cheer/Kan arguing until the last 10 mins?!!!!!, but my biggest thing must be Dennis and Deun. I really didn’t feel like I had seen why Deun had got to the point where she felt she had to kill him. I think she was getting there, but I don’t think (blame this on crappy editing/writing) she was there yet, as she still seemed hopeful of changing her. So nope, didn’t buy that.

    Other than that, have to agree with you on almost everything. Soo much potential. So wasted.

    • jamieguo48 April 15, 2012 at 9:15 PM #

      Oops, meant Tie drugging Min. Oh, and I wish Cheer’s character had at some point way before the ending acknowledged her love for Paul openly, and we could see it as more of a struggle.

      • J April 16, 2012 at 3:18 AM #

        Paul/Sri: Yea, Sri was pissed off with Paul right to the last minute and her sudden turnaround was a little jarring. Oddly, I find Kan having more chemistry with Cheer in the BTS than Paul had with Sri in the show! And Kan’s really hot. Just sayin’. =P

        Tae/Dao: Initially I felt Tle’s acting was ok, even if it’s nothing to shout about but as the show progressed, his acting grated on me more and more. It wasn’t so bad in his scenes with Cheer ‘cos they were mostly funny but when he tries emoting with Min, I’m like uhgggg.

        Dennis/Deun: I think Dennis ordering the hit on Jenjira was the last straw for Deun. My bone to pick with them was that their final ‘showdown’ was lacking in emotional depth and all felt very rush. But then again, this problem is true for all 3 pairs. Sigh.

  2. jamieguo48 April 15, 2012 at 9:42 PM #

    Been searching around at asianfuse for more info on why this got this way and came across this piece of info from member TubbyTinker

    okay, here’s teh first spoiler…will be back with soem juicy spoilers of Sri and Paul

    Okay spoilers for upcoming episodes…I think this lakorn is ending in 2 weeks or so and idk if they’ll follow the script to this summary but so far they have

    Deun ends up going to jail while pregnant cuz she shot dennis [yes he dies]
    Dao wakes up and sees that Techit was there, she screams for help thinking he was some stranger that kissed her, Paul comes in and tells Techit to back off since Dao is his fiancee. Techit was mad that his “Siangwan” doesn’t remember him so he stormed out the hospital and never heard from him since…..

    Months passed by and Dao and Paul goes to visit Deun in jail and Dao asked Deun if she can adopt/ be Deun’s baby legal guardian.

    More here:

    Hmm, so that means in the lakorn they fiddle with the time, which is why there might have been those time problems you talked about.

    Edited to add: And they had to change locations for Tie’s house, etc., because of flooding. Looks like this live shoot business really made this suck all the more.

    • J April 16, 2012 at 2:53 AM #

      Thanks for the link to AF. I presume the spoilers posted are based on the novel? It makes much more sense for the 2 couples to have time to sort things out after Dennis is out of the picture instead of like in the lakorn where it was all squeezed into the last half hour. D:
      Re: location change. No wonder I thought Deun’s house looked different and I was wondering if Dennis moved somewhere else with Deun after he dumped Jenjira. Haa.

      • jamieguo48 April 16, 2012 at 5:35 AM #

        I think it’s from the script, but apparently, they weren’t following that all too well. In fact, kudaranai says in the thread “I do wonder if they’ll keep the original storyline of how Sri and Paul kindasorta broke up.” Hmm.

        They also talk about how they were shooting up to the last moment, (Min was actually sleeping in the scenes with her on the bed) and someone said they had like half of it complete and after that they cut out lots of scenes from the scripts. Well, I think that’s one mystery solved on why the first half is better than the last half.

      • J April 16, 2012 at 6:16 AM #

        If that’s the case, seems like I can’t blame the scriptwriter either! lol
        I suppose for PS the flood made the filming schedule even tighter and everything got messed up towards the end. Live filming is really hard for everyone involved!

  3. Anonymous April 26, 2012 at 10:49 PM #

    There were too many things going wrong at the same time. Ch7 writers usually suck. The flood. The lack of sleep… they made changes last minute because the ratings went up. They added more Paul and Sri because they were the ones nabbing the ratings for them. Poor them, they had to shoot the day before the episode aired. Gun had panda eyes, my heart almost broke. You know he does have a personal YT account lol. I don’t know what he says but I don’t care, he has a hot voice lol

    I honestly don’t know how I finished this lakorn. They forgot about the first half of the lakorn. Sri decided to stay behind (didn’t follow him to America because she had to take care of her resort)… Um… why would she leave her resort unattended. It seemed as if she loved it wholeheartedly. It just didn’t make any sense to me. I went to their facebook to vent lol… 10 minutes later, I deleted what I wrote haha. They do understand English, so if you want to complain, feel free to. I think they need people like us to give them a full lecture on how shitty they are. Just maybe they will improve. -fun

    • J April 29, 2012 at 8:54 AM #

      They forgot about the first half of the lakorn. nods
      Are you on the Paul/Sri shipping camp? I honestly don’t get the love for them (especially that they were the favoured couple early on) when they didn’t even get much development. I actually much prefer the characters when they are separated from each other because they usually end up annoying me by their nonsensical arguments when they meet. Initially I was like whatever, Gun is hot, he could be reading a telephone book I will still watch but towards the end I simply ff his scenes with Sri.
      I wonder how the feedback from Thai audiences are since that would directly impact the tv stations. The ratings went up in the later half though, does that mean the Thai audience actually liked how it progressed?? o__O

      • Anonymous May 30, 2012 at 2:24 AM #

        Sorry for the late reply, I do ship Gun and Cheer but I definitely do not ship Paul and Sri lol

        You will see a pattern in Ch7 lakorn. I think the Thai audience do love the drag haha. Most of their ratings comes from the countryside. If you compare rural and city ratings, Ch3 dominates the Bangkok area ratings but never the rural. It is very very extremely rare if Ch3 does.

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