Pang Sanaeha – ep 7 – 9 liveblogging

8 Apr

omo omo, what is going on?? When Dennis showed concern for Deun upon hearing that she was unwell, I was all awwwwww but when he found out she was pregnant, he immediately told her to get rid of the baby! WHAT WHAT WHAT?? What did he mean when he said they shouldn’t have a child together? Wait, don’t tell me they are the real siblings here? I can’t rule out anything with this lakorn now.

ETA 1: Ep 8. Oops, seems like Dennis is just an ass and doesn’t want kids. Haa, this lakorn is making me jump to all sorts of conclusions. But I’m still mighty curious about Deun and Paul’s relationship!

ETA 2: Arg, Sri, what are you doing? Her hotheadedness is starting to annoy me. Oh, but dear Paul, you’re so funny with your snide remarks.
It’s so irritating when Paul tries to warn Sri but she’s still trying to be smart with him instead of realising how she has put everyone in danger. Bah.

ETA 3: Dang, I’m so easy. Dennis comes rushing to show concern for Deun and I’m feeling sorry for him again. Erm, at least he doesn’t mention anything about aborting the baby? Something always happens to keep Sri/Siangwaan away from that mysterious room which houses Praidao, I wonder how long more we will have to wait to see the real Praidao.

ETA 4: Ep 9. Yes, you tell her Paul, tell her to her face that it was her fault she wouldn’t listen to you and continued to mess with Dennis despite knowing what kind of man he was. I’m sorry that Sri’s farm got burnt down but really, did she think Dennis was a drug lord for nothing?
Paul baby, if Sri doesn’t want you, I’m always here. XD

ETA 5: Oh Sri, why are you being stupid again? Wait, why does Sri have Deun’s number? Dennis you lose 1000 points again for bringing up the abortion.
Revelations, revelations! So Paul is Praidao’s fiancé and that’s how he is linked to Dennis and Deun. Which leads to the question did he get engage with Praidao because of love or to get near Dennis? Seeing how Praidao is definitely ending up with Tae and Sri with Paul, I’d say the latter.

ETA 6: Hmmm, so Jenjira thinks Praidao is dead? Or is she just saying it to get Tae off her back?
Tae lives to see another day because the bad guys were too dumb to just off him when they had the chance. Ok, calling it a night for now.

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