Pang Sanaeha 2-6

7 Apr

The couple I'm more interested in watching is not the 2 main ones but Dennis and Deun! Dennis isn't winning any upstanding citizen awards and he is far from a good husband/man but I'm hoping he can work things out with Deun because they still love each other, just that both (esp Dennis) are going about their marriage the wrong way. I shouldn't be rooting for Dennis right? He's a nasty drug lord, he keeps a mistress and still expects his wife to wait on him happily yet my heart softens whenever he reminds Jenjira that Deun is his wife and she (Jen) shouldn't get any funny ideas, or when he smiles when looking/thinking of Deun.

They remind me of the OTP of Fei Wo Si Cun's (author of Sealed with a Kiss and Too Late to Say I Love You) novel 'If I Didn't Meet You This Second'. The OTP loved each other but because of their character, they made a lot of wrong assumptions about each other and with lack of communication, the misunderstandings snowballed till tragedy happened. She thinks he is tired of her, he thinks she doesn't love him any more … hmmm, sounds like Dennis and Deun.

As for the lakorn overall, the pacing and Tle's acting could use some improvement but for now the mystery is doing well to keep me watching. That and Gun. Haa. Frankly I don't get Paul's deal with Sri in the lakorn but heck, Gun is so hot I don't mind any scenes with him. The show needs to work harder on getting me to like the main OTPs because ep6 already and I still much rather watch Tae and Sri quibble!

2 Responses to “Pang Sanaeha 2-6”

  1. jamieguo48 April 7, 2012 at 8:13 PM #

    Against all logic, I too am rooting for drug lord couple. Maybe because I’m tired of mistress tricks. I think you’ll enjoy the upcoming scenes of them! RAWR! And the weird thing is Paul seems to be okay with relationship as well. I think their problems are more serious then just lack of communication, though I could be mistaken… again lol.

    I like the main couple though. His dreams of her and the way he looks at her. Yummy.

    • J April 8, 2012 at 12:43 PM #

      RAWR! I’ll look forward to them! XD
      I wonder what happened to Plaidao and how she’s connected to everyone. I’m pretty sure Plaidao is Siangwaan but everything else is still a mystery. I was like *gasp* when Dennis mentioned Plaidao … how many more secrets are gonna come out??

      Re: Mistress. Yes, Dennis please give her the boot soon!

      Re: Tae/Siangwaan, maybe the problem is with Tle’s acting but I can’t take Tae seriously when he’s with Siangwaan. I find that he has more chemistry in his friendly scenes with Sri. Sri also annoys me when she’s trying too hard with Paul and again, I find that she’s funnier with Tae. :p

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