Unriddle 2 ep 19

29 Mar

Gosh, this episode had me on the edge of my seat. It was already revealed in the trailer that Jie Yu got to Xiao Man’s mom so I was expecting JY to harm Hu Mama. What I didn’t expect though was how Hu Mama was tied to the case and that she was the intended fourth victim all along. Well played show, it’s been a while since crime dramas surprised me. Not that there weren’t other things to pick on, like how Wanyi managed to leave the hospital after a very public stabbing spree. Where’s the security? How about the other people around?? Nobody thought to stop her? She was holding a scalpel, not a parang, I think she could have been easily overpowered and subdued.

Regular picking of plot holes aside, Rui En and Rebecca Lim’s performance were really a standout tonight. I’ve enjoyed Rui En’s Xiao Man all this while and she continues to step up her game to convincingly portray XM’s desperation as Jie Yu drives her into a corner. As for Rebecca Lim, she did alright as the manipulative psychiatrist but I wasn’t particularly wowed till the past couple of episodes. Oh, and how could I forget Ng Hui, the ever dependable supporting actress was spot on as Jie Yu’s deranged puppet from the very beginning.

Can’t believe we’re already at the last episode! Will Xiao Man and Da Bao make it out alive for Unriddle 3 to happen? We’ll find out tomorrow.

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