Unriddle 2 ep 15-16

27 Mar

The jumpy camera shots and accompanying swooshing sound effects have become Unriddle 2’s trademark but it’s still hella annoying. And then there’re the excessive flashbacks. I don’t claim to have a good memory but I can actually remember what happened 15 minutes ago in the show and gasp, even what happened last episode so there’s really no need for ’em flashbacks to keep popping up.

Ok, now that that’s off my chest, we can go back to the episode proper.

Plot wise, the twist of Lelin being the murderer wasn’t that surprising for me personally (all those crime dramas watched and detective novels read were not for nothing) but the overall case and character development – for Xiao Man and Dao Bao especially in the grand scheme of things – was well-written. The contrast between XM and DA is really interesting: XM as a police officer is supposed to stand for truth and justice but by now, she has already taken the law into her own hands three times by intentionally withholding assistance and causing the death of a criminal. Kudos to the scriptwriter for showing the gradual change in XM as she went down the slippery slope and a big thumbs up to Rui En for her portrayal of the different emotions in XM. DB is from the underbelly of society but time after time, she was the one who decided to do ‘the right thing’ of her own accord and hopefully when XM cracks in the finale, her 最火搭档 will be there to pull her back.

Hongbo was killed much earlier than I had expected so nothing much to show for Romeo Tan. Julie Tan though gave a fantastic closing performance as Lelin. She handled the split personality part well but what really wowed me was her portrayal of Lelin’s reactions to Hongbo’s death. Shock and anguish when Hongbo was shot in front of her, anger when she confronted Xiao Man, sadness when she wept at her brother’s photo … all crying scenes without any lines 不过情感都表达得很有层次。

Unrelated to these 2 episodes…

I’m watching Unriddle 2 from the beginning since I only picked it up again recently and it’s making me miss Yu Ze! I’m neutral towards Tay Ping Hui as an actor but I must say after playing a policeman on screen 13 times, he has gotten the role down pat and I find myself fangirling Yu Ze for his manliness. I love his scenes with Xiao Man and it’s such a shame the scriptwriter killed him off so that the impact on Xiao Man will be greater than if it were some other colleague. D: Another XM/YZ fanvid

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