Unriddle 2

16 Mar

Unriddle ended on a tense cliffhanger with Asura back to seek revenge for his brother but when the sequel finally came, the first couple of episodes didn’t meet my expectations. The shifty camera angles annoyed me and some of the action scenes were lame. Left the show alone for a while but I channel surfed onto today’s episode and Rui En wowed me with her acting to keep me watching and now I’m back on board Unriddle 2! With the Asura arc behind us, the vibe of the show feels more like part 1 with individual cases and a overarching mystery involving the main characters. The most surprising thing about Unriddle 2 is … I actually like Elvin Ng in it! I think he’s a nice guy and hardworking actor but I don’t hold a high opinion of his acting so I was pleasantly surprised by how well his Lang Feng is working for me.

Watch here with Eng subs

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