Hayami x Hanabusa post

3 Mar

The shippy portion got a little too long so I’m putting it in a separate post.


There are no obvious indications in the show that Hayami and Hanabusa are romantically involved but the little things point to the strong bond they share and it’s enough to get me shipping.

– In episode 1 Izumi snapped at Hanabusa to stop acting like Hayami’s wife and initially I too thought Hanabusa was being a little too presumptuous.

– Hanabusa was the only one Hayami let in on his dealings with Medical Assort and though he wanted her to step away after disposing of the evidence, she stuck by him.

– Izumi’s letter mentioned both Hayami and Hanabusa but when he used the contents of that letter to out his acceptance of bribes from Medical Assort, he left out Hanabusa’s name in order not to implicate her.

– But Hanabusa didn’t hesitate to admit her own involvement in order to protect Hayami. Turned out she had been secretly keeping records of how the bribes were spent in order to prove that Hayami did not use them for his own benefit.

– When Hayami suspected something was wrong with his health, Hanabusa was also the only one whom he told and she helped him get tested in secret.

– Finally, like I mentioned in my previous post, they would go as far as covering up for each other when they both thought the other was a murderer. I was especially struck by Hayami in the scene where he confessed to the murder. He was struggling to recall the events that happened and when it clicked in his mind that it was Hanabusa’s voice he heard, you could see the subtle shift in his expression from confusion to determination, then the confession came without any hesitation.


After the truth came to light. Shiratori: Which means, both of you lied to cover up for someone who didn’t need it.

Hanabusa: We are such fools aren’t we?

Sensei, please don’t die.

– It was revealed at the end that Hayami’s nickname ‘General Rouge’ came about not because his doctor’s coat was covered in patients’ blood during the Joto Mall fire disaster but because he used lipstick to cover his lips which had turned pale in fear. At that time when the young Hayami was strickened by fear and doubt, Hanabusa stepped in with her lipstick and words of encouragement to spur him into action. (Personally I thought the lipstick just made him look silly but I suppose that’s how it was written in the novel?)

– It came full circle in the end when Izumi acknowledged that she couldn’t ‘win’ Hanabusa with all the history that she shared with Hayami.

Too bad that’s all we have on them. I wish we at least got a scene of them in private before Hayami leaves but oh well, the focus of this drama isn’t on romance to begin with. I believe Hanabusa will continue to protect Team General at Tojo Hospital while awaiting Hayami’s return.

ETA: It appears my instincts on Hayami/Hanabusa were right! After looking through some Japanese blogs, I’m happy to report that I’m not the only one shipping them. :p
Apparently in the novel, they hug (!!!) and Hayami tells Hanabusa ‘I’ve kept you waiting for a long time’ and she did follow him to the hospital in Hokkaido. Why oh why wasn’t all these shown in the drama? Even the movie version had them holding hands even though the dialogue was changed. D: Right, now I need to get my hands on the novel.(my Japanese is pretty shitty so let me know if I misunderstood anything)

ETA 2: more links
http://sakiko12ai.blog77.fc2.com/ -> this blog has recaps on the entire drama. It’s in Japanese but you can still enjoy the screen caps.
http://nisiland.blog137.fc2.com/blog-entry-172.html -> Generous caps of the scene where Hayami changes his shirt. teeheehee.
http://onlydorama.blog126.fc2.com/blog-entry-956.html -> 之速水医生怎么看怎么帅
http://i.mtime.com/903869/blog /http://blog.tianya.cn/blogger/blog_main.asp?BlogID=213155 -> 番外篇/访问/同人文翻译

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