General Rouge no Gaisen SP

3 Mar

Nope, no Hayami and Hanabusa scenes in the SP but I expected as much.

I’ve not read the novels that this series is based on so I’m not sure if the SP is an adaptation as well but I suspect it’s an original script using the same characters. On the up side, I get to see 75min more of Hayami and he smiles a lot more in the SP since he has no more secrets to hide. On the down side, the story is weak and without tension. They wasted more than 10 minutes on flashbacks to show what happened in the drama, an indication that there wasn’t much to tell in this SP anyway. I think this SP is not subbed in English (I watched with Chinese subs) but really, it’s not a loss if you skip it. Personally I thought the SPs of ‘Code Blue’ and ‘Emergency Room 24 Hours 2’ was handled much better.

Anyway, the drama itself is a great watch and I would recommend it if you’re into procedurals. The ‘big reveal’ was kinda anti-climatic but perhaps I was too distracted by Hayami to really care? Haaa

I’d been going on and on about Hayami in my post but Shiratori and Taguchi are actually the main leads in this medical series! The flippant Shiratori and serious Taguchi make a good tag team and it’s always funny to see Shiratori ruffle Taguchi’s feathers on purpose. I probably will go check out the other 2 dramas in the Team Batista series which also features Shiratori and Taguchi investigating medical malpractices.

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