watching – ジェネラルルージュの凱旋

2 Mar

I’m shipping Hayami with Hanabusa but why do I have the nagging feeling that she might be the person responsible for Terauchi’s death? Like how Izumi wanted to report Hayami’s corruption to the hospital in order to keep him ‘with her’ in the Emergency Department, I wouldn’t put it past Hanabusa to do something extreme to protect Hayami. Most Japanese procedurals don’t have a strong loveline, if any at all, so I don’t expect Hayami to be romantically linked to either woman but I still want a positive end for the entire Team General and it would be a shame if Hanabusa turned out to have had a hand in the murder. Here’s hoping it’s the dirty politicians who did the deed!

The cases in each episode tend to be overly sentimental as Japanese dramas are wont to do but the overarching investigation into corruption in the hospital makes the drama riveting as I can’t wait for the next episode to uncover more of Hayami’s secrets. Nishijima is so charismatic as the skilled and tough Hayami and I go into crazy fangirl mode quite often when he’s on screen. XD

3 more episodes to go! I hope Hayami makes it out alive~

I wonder how’s Hayami’s teeth since he has a lollipop perpetually stuck in his mouth.

after ep 11
omo, Hayami confessed to killing Sasaki when he finally recalled that he heard Hanabusa’s voice before passing out i.e. he thinks she’s the murderer and he decides to take the rap for her. I really really hope that Hanabusa is only the red herring! And Hayami my love sensei, please don’t die!!

mid ep 12
this is turning into a live blogging post.

Yes, I was right. Hanabusa is indeed the red herring. 一开始嫌疑越大的人越有可能是幌子因为犯人一般都是最后一刻才揭晓的。哈哈。Hanabusa lied to protect Hayami because she thought he was the murderer when she found (what she thought was) his medicine at the scene. But why must Japanese procedurals be SO subtle with the loveline?? They only got a short moment in his ward where she held his hand and said ‘Please don’t die’. Sigh. Ok, back to the show and the big reveal is coming up!

So, it really was the politician … ‘s secretary.
Hayami lives after Shiratori’s very indirect words of encouragement (which came out sounding more like insults) helped the team realise they were looking in the wrong direction and finally located the actual cause of Hayami’s heart failure. It was a happy ending: Hayami lives, the team stays together, the hospital decides to develop a system to better coordinate the medical facilities in the area etc. With Jdramas, it’s often about hope and faith in humanity/the future and perhaps it is idealistic but why not? 🙂
Need to go get some sleep and I’ll finish up the SP tomorrow. Dare I hope for more Hayami/Hanabusa developments??

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