Lryics: Z-Chen 相逢恨早

18 Feb



ETA: English translation behind cut

时间还剩多少 爱情度日如秒
How much time is left       Days passes like seconds in love
你的姿态很高 年轻而骄傲
You take a lofty stance    Young and proud
我不适合吵闹 应该面面俱到
I’m not suitable for rowdiness    I should be able to please everybody
一只眼关心 一只眼瞎掉
An eye to show concern  Turn a blind eye with the other
爱你捱过千刀 每一刀都重要
I’ve endured a thousand knives for you    Every cut is important
对你来说却还好 不想要就拉倒
But it’s only passable to you    Let’s call it off if you don’t want it
我不愿再飘摇 你朽木不可雕
I don’t wish to be affected by you anymore    You can’t change for the better
The distance between us is terribly beautiful
Can we not meet love too early
I’m really not afraid to wait till the flowers wilt
难到你不能够早一秒 看清自己的需要
Can you see what you really need one second earlier
我的岁月已悄悄 你正才要炫耀
Years are already silently passing me by    Yet you are only starting to flaunt your youth
爱可不可以直到白头偕老 却怎么那么轻易就被打扰
Can love lasts till our hairs are white    Yet it’s so easily disturbed
如果你能够再晩一秒 走进我怀抱
If you could walk into my arms one second later
我想 爱比现在更可靠
I think love would be more dependable than now
我想 我只是相逢恨早
I think I’ve just met you too early
别人都不看好 温柔说成轻佻
Others think we wouldn’t last    They view gentleness as being flippant
陷入流言的圈套 眼神都在嘲笑
Caught in the trap of gossip    Their eyes are mocking
我当爱是福报 你当爱是乞讨
I view love as a blessing    You think it’s something to beg for
Doesn’t matter who you get it from

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