Lyrics: 魔鬼中的天使 Angel Among Devils

27 Jan

While I do enjoy listening to most of S.H.E’s songs, Hebe’s solo stuff have a lot more depth and variety as compared to what S.H.E churns out and I’m happy that her latest album has maintained the standard. The Chinese lyrics to this song are beautiful in a dark way but my translation came out kinda crappy. D:

把太细的神经割掉 会不会比较睡得着
Will I sleep better if I cut off the nerves that are too delicate?
I have grey jail in my heart
Which encloses a black thought that is shouting
把太硬的脾气抽掉 会不会比较被明了
Will I be easier to understand if I took away my stubborn temper?
你可以重重把我给打倒 但是想都别想我求饶
You can knock me down but don’t you think I will beg for mercy
You are the angel among devils
Which is why your way of sending me heartbreak
Is to let me smile till the last second
Only to find a knife stuck on my chest
You are the angel among devils
You let ‘hate’ become something banal
A ‘thank you’ flows from my eyes
尽管叫我疯子 不准叫我傻子
Call me a lunatic but don’t you call me a fool

I don’t care how others piece our story together
I can’t be bothered to explain
How do you explain love
When whoever wants to see me broken
我已经又顽强 重生一次
I have already been reborn once again

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