16 Jan

oh god, I’m sitting in the office and trying my best not to start bawling over The Reichenbach Fall.

ok, breatheeeeeeee… let’s leave thoughts of John and Sherlock for later.

And Molly, I wish I could run into tv-land and give you a big big hug.

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  1. lobelia321 January 16, 2012 at 8:32 PM #

    I love Molly so much. I didn’t like her a lot for much of the series and now I regret it and think, clever, Moffiss made me not like her and is now showing me up for having walked into the same trap that Sherlock walked into but he found his way out. “You count.” I found this dialogue so incredibly moving.

    • J January 17, 2012 at 8:16 AM #

      I felt sorry for Molly mostly when she showed up in previous episodes, always so eager to please but having Sherlock so dismissive of her efforts and well, dismissive of her in general. Molly in this episode was so WOW … she’s still the awkward Molly but she was also a brave and loyal friend whom Sherlock hadn’t count on having. I can’t help thinking about John’s ‘Friends protect people’ line, and it’s ironic how Molly was able to be Sherlock’s trump card against Moriarty because she started off apparently ‘not counting’ towards Sherlock. All the John/Sherlock feelings aside (which is a lot), I also absolutely adore Molly/Sherlock in TRF because he found a friend in Molly. Really Sherlock, you do have friendS! though John will always be top priority
      Hmm, hope I made sense. Sherlock always gives me LOTS OF FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS. XD

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