By2 不是故意

28 Dec

My current song addiction. The MV is super low buget with the girls looking emo on set in fake!rain and it looks like something they shot during a break for their ‘Isn’t It’ MV. Still, I’ve always enjoyed By2’s ballads even though their fast numbers are usually too inane for my fancy and their latest offerings have also earned a spot on my playlist.

Did a quick translation of the chorus.

你别担心 我 不怕一个人站在雨里
Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of standing in the rain alone
除了你 我找不到能快乐的意义
I can’t find another reason for happiness except for you
眼泪 带给你的压力太清晰
The pressure that my tears bring you are too clear
I really did not mean to
不是故意 让自己变得不再像自己
I did not mean to let myself become unlike myself anymore
为了你 拼命想拿一百分而努力
I work towards perfection for your sake
你却 离我越来越远的距离
But the distance between us grew even greater
Until I lost you completely

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