Fitting of Qi Pao

12 Dec

Fitting of Ann’s new lakorn ‘Qi Pao’ is out! If I’m not wrong, Qi Pao is one of the novel in the same series as ‘Roy Mai’ and this time it deals with Chinese fabrics as the title indicates. We’ll be getting a ghost a la E Mei in RM but this time Ann will be that scary ghost! Am I the only who’s absolutely tickled by Ann wanting to go home with her ghost makeup and giving Khun Ae (her long time boyfriend) a ‘surprise’? The fitting and opening ceremony gives you an idea of the story, which actually reminds me of an old Singapore drama ‘Unbroken Cycle’. Too bad there doesn’t appear to be a English subbed version online because I thought it combined the romance and horror elements pretty well. For those interested, you can check out the synopsis and the unsubbed videos.

One Response to “Fitting of Qi Pao”

  1. Fia December 14, 2011 at 4:23 AM #

    How can one not love Ann? She makes me smiling in her carefree poses and in her scary chinese ghost costume. Haha, and it must be love when you want to go home and ‘surprise’ your significant other, in the most unexpected way!
    I pray that QP will have a better plot/character development than RM. I know it’s too late to pray for a different pr’ek, seeing that they are fitting for the lakorn.. but I’m still hopeful? I just love Ann too much to skip out on this one. Thanks for sharing J!

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