Prosecutor Princess ep5-9

26 Nov

Dang, why do you do this to me Show?

When I see Hye Ri progressing well with Se Joon and breaking down his icy barriers I can’t help squeeing

She made him smile, something he hasn’t done much of since his wife passed on 3 years ago.

And he agreed to hold her hand and take walk beneath the cherry blossom tree. Now say with me AWWW.

But once the scene shifts to In Woo, I find myself rooting for him. His final goal is not yet apparent but it’s slowly unraveling and it’s somehow connected to Hye Ri’s dad. Though he’s using Hye Ri as a pawn in his game, he geniunely cares for her.

Piggy back!!!

She cooks the first meal in her life for him (albeit at his insistence) and they ended up sharing that bowl of instant noodles.

I love love love it when she stroked his forehead to calm him when he had a nightmare.

Gawd, In Woo’s FACE when looking at Hye Ri. I turn into a blubbering mess whenever In Woo gives that look to Hye Ri, trying desperately to contain his love for her, trying to give her happiness when he’s planing something that will hurt her deeply. In Woo tells Jenny at the end of ep 9 that he wants to give up his plans because he can’t bear to hurt Hye Ri but I have the feeling shit will hit the fan soon and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Round 2: I think I’m going for In Woo now.

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