Prosecutor Princess ep 1-4

23 Nov

I seldom second lead ship – actually off hand I can’t remember the last time I did. Choi Ryu doesn’t count because I wanted him for myself – but the men in Prosecutor Princess has got me torn between them.

We have Se Joon, the straight laced chief prosecutor and Hye Ri’s mentor.

Hye Ri is a dead ringer for his deceased wife and he tries his hardest to keep her at arm’s length by being cold and stern with her.

Yet Se Joon can’t help caring for Hye Ri and I was positively swooning when he raced to save her after her identity was exposed while trying to gather evidence at an illegal gambling operation. I felt bad for In Woo when he saw Se Joon and Hye Ri embracing but hey, you’ll get the girl eventually, let Se Joon have his moment.

He suffered a knife wound protecting Hye Ri.
Ok fine, I cap this for his bod.

I’m a totally sucker for stoic types like Se Joon and the whole zomg, you look like my dead love set up so I cannot help wanting to see Hye Rin heal Se Joon’s heart … but not happening because Se Joon you stupidly blew her off when she confessed to you! And she brought cookies she baked for your daughter! Arggg.

Said cookies. It was heart warming to see Hye Ri singing and baking with her mom but more hints were also dropped of Hye Ri’s issues with food/eating. It was quite sad to see mom eating the muffins and cookies by herself while her husband was shown playing golf with his mistress.

Then there’s contestant no. 2, suave lawyer In Woo. He’s always there to offer assistance to Hye Ri when she needs it, granted that’s because he is stalking her for unknown reasons.

Kinda hard to cap this scene but a woman just dumped a bucket of tomatoes over Hye Ri’s head and people around were laughing and filming her. In Woo swooped in to cover her with his jacket (2 seconds before Se Joon reached Hye Ri) and whisked her off in his car. Awwwww.

He brought her to his house to wash up and gave her his clothes to wear. AWWWWWWWW.
Whatever his hidden agenda is, it doesn’t look like In Woo has any malicious intent toward Hye Ri and I love watching them interact.

For now, my heart is leaning towards Se Joon x Hye Ri but who knows, still many episodes to go for In Woo to win me over with his charms.

Great MV that covers the scenes that I wrote about. Gah, cannot stop swooning over Se Joon.

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