Roy Mai (Silk Trace) general thoughts

27 Oct

The first few episodes intrigued me with the promise of an epic, tragic romance that will sweep me off my feet and then delight me when the star-crossed lovers get their happy ending in the present life. Well, I got the happy ending part correct.

I enjoyed the beginning of RM as can be seen from my earlier fangiry posts. I liked how the past/present lives were weaved together (pun intended) and though there were many side characters buzzing about, the drama was concentrated on the OTP and Aum/Aff’s chemistry really shined through. Unfortunately, as the drama progressed, more and more screen time was given to the main villains Bua Ngern and Mei. Perhaps the intention was to emphasis BN’s evilness and contrast it with Maneerin’s kindness to up the tragic factor but BN’s schemes were boring and laughable to me. I was weaned on HK and China’s palace dramas which have plenty of ‘high level’ backstabbing so I found BN’s petty tricks insignificant and it was ridiculous how she got away time and again. Are the king and queen there for show only? They don’t seem to notice much of what’s going on around them I wonder how effectively they are governing their country. May’s acting and her way of speaking local dialect also bugged the hell out of me. Ok, I geddit, you’re the evil bitch, no need for the exaggerated facial expressions. I don’t know how she got through the lakorn without pulling a facial muscle or two.

Even with poor pacing and flat secondary characters, I can overlook pretty much anything if the main couple gets me emotionally invested but in RM’s case, they failed to do so after ep5. With love and drama watching, there’s simply no forcing of emotions and as much as I want to love and root for Siriwong/Maneerin, I have to say for a fact it didn’t happen. As I begin each episode, I keep thinking, this will be the one to suck me into their romance but nope – I was emotionally detached most of the time, not feeling happy or sad for the OTP, not even feeling angry at the villains.

There were still some scenes in the last 2 episodes that moved me though.

I’ve always thought that Aff’s acting was too ‘surface’ but I felt she did well in the scenes after Siriwong’s death. Maneerin quietly laying her head on Siriwong’s body conveyed her deep sorrow much better than if she were to cry hysterically.

Rerin loses her memory after surviving the drowning and somehow that makes her revert to a childlike state. Go figure. The scenes of Suriyawong taking care of Rerin were reminiscent of Jai Rao’s ending and while I didn’t care for Ken/Aff in JR, Aum/Aff just works even though the situation was rather lame. The way Aum looks at Aff is asldflskajfhlkjh. Me thinks Aum/Aff needs to collaborate again in a modern day romcom! My thoughts on the final episode are similar to Fia’s so I’ll be lazy and direct you over there instead of blabbing on further.

If Bua Ngern’s scenes were cut and more time spent developing Suriyawong/Rerin’s present day love story, would I have liked Roy Mai more? Ah well, I will never know the answer.

I rate this: 3/5

9 Responses to “Roy Mai (Silk Trace) general thoughts”

  1. Anonymous October 27, 2011 at 8:46 AM #

    Ouch. As much as I’d like for you to adore Maneerin/Siriwong as much as I do, there is no forcing the emotions. But I totally get what you’re saying, if only stupid/unnecessary characters were cut short or eliminated to begin with, the lakorn would be heavenly.

    I don’t buy the whole love story between Rerin/Suriya even though they were supposedly living through their previous lifetime experiences. There’s just not enough screen time between them for it to be believable. They need their own lakorn, minus the stupid mom and side characters. I’d also like for Suriya to develop some of Harith’s personality because I really want to say “Aum.. you’re so bad” and mean it, but love it at the same time.

    ROFL “I wonder how effectively they are governing their country” indeed, maybe that’s why they need to unite their country with Chiang Tung against the westerner’s invasion? Their laissez faire method clearly isn’t working.

    As usual, love your perception. Thanks for linking me 🙂

    • J October 27, 2011 at 9:02 AM #

      Yep. I thought Siriwong/Maneerin’s story would be out by midway and the rest would be spent on how Suriyawong/Rerin continues that love in the present life but in the end bulk of the time was spent on past life and even that was wasted on Bua Ngern.
      The last episode made me miss Aum/Aff in the modern setting!

  2. Anonymous October 27, 2011 at 1:49 PM #

    Unlike you I thought Maneerin and Siriwong pair was the best thing in the show, beside the cultural theme and the acting of the three main lead. I liked this couple because of Maneerin character. She was a spoiled who has always got what she want, she was demanding but at the same time deep and sincere with her feelings, delicate and she had some p’ek traits. I think was the best actress to portray this kind of character. Therefore this relationship felt like something not usual in lakorn universe. The lakorn is not technically perfect and i

    • J October 27, 2011 at 3:23 PM #

      I don’t have an issue with Siriwong/Maneerin’s romance per se but somehow there was no emotional connection for me. Still I appreciate your comment though and I’m interested to hear your take. Your comment seems to be cut off though.

      • Anonymous October 27, 2011 at 4:42 PM #

        sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to end my post.
        So as I said before, in my view Siriwong and Maneerin couple was one best things in the lakorn because of the personnality of the characters especially Maneerin. The description of her character I made in my previous comment shows that. And she had some P’ek traits while Siriwong somewhat played the n’ek part of the couple. Suriya and Rerin couple had chemistry too and potential but they were not well developed by the middle part of the show. The ending shows what a heartwarming and perfect couple they could be if there were more episodes or less time wasted on some unnecessary characters.So I agree with you about some points.
        Technically it could be perfect. I still think that Roy Mai is the kind of storyline which should at least have 20 episodes because there are too many things to explain. Since the begining I have found the 15-episodes format ridiculous. But this one made me travel and it affected me more than the other lakorns of this year.

      • J October 28, 2011 at 7:12 AM #

        RM had many good and refreshing ideas but I felt it was let down by the execution.
        I’ve been wondering why I wasn’t drawn into their love story even though objectively speaking I like angsty, one-true-love type of romance and my conclusion is Siriwong/Maneerin wasn’t tragic enough and Suriyawong/Rerin wasn’t developed enough. Though Siriwattana was angry, there were signs that he eventually might have let the lovebirds be together. Even Bua Ngern and Mei were not seeking to tear Siriwong and Maneerin up per se, they just wanted Maneerin out of their way. And don’t even talk about the king and queen who seem to have their heads in the clouds. I didn’t feel they had a lot going against them (mostly Siriwong’s sense of duty holding him back) and I felt it was such a cop out to use Mei’s possession of Siriwattana to get Siriwong killed. >_> Do I sound mean? I guess my standard for ‘tragic’ has been set too high by other dramas.

  3. Anonymous October 27, 2011 at 6:30 PM #

    The lakorn should have been base solely on Maneerin and Siriya. I enjoyed Cursed Farbic a lot more, their characters and side characters were more rounded.

    I didn’t understand the purpose of the loom… I wonder why Rerin was so obsessed (I think I exaggerated a little lol) with weaving when she had zero interest in the past. The connection to her love for cloth is very weak.

    May is a good actress, but when she plays ‘rai’ she tends to over achieve evilness haha. Plus she was really not fit, the dialect was really forced on her. And I agree, they could have made BN more wise in coming up with evil plans cause it was just way too obvious. It makes me believe that there were really many dumb people in the palace.

    The last episode was bittersweet and RUSHED! In a way I liked the fact that Suriya and Rerin continued where Maneerin and Suriya left off but in a way I did not like it. I wanted more development. I just didn’t buy it.

    Okay I think I am going to stop with my ranting. It is all over the place. I overslept too like Fia. But unlike her, I am still tired. When I oversleep, I feel more jaded.

    • Anonymous October 28, 2011 at 6:17 AM #

      Chiming in- hope you don’t mind J..

      I’ve no idea who I’m talking to but your tone sound soo familiar 🙂

      I think Rerin is heavily invested or connected to Thai traditional fabrics from birth- that’s why she’s so mesmerized by them- and her journey to Chiang Mai and discovering the fabrics that changed her life- so to speak, is her fate and to me it’s believable. I just don’t get the point of the final loom, I thought she wasn’t supposed to finish it and when she did, it was so anticlimactic. I expected a showdown between her and BN to prevent her from finishing it.

      I guess we can’t leave all of the blame to the director, the writer could have done a better job rounding out the characters. I haven’t read the book so not sure how she has done it, but if the lakorn was any indication, I’m not too impressed.

      @J- have you given Ter Keu Cheewit a shot yet? Happy Friday!

      • J October 28, 2011 at 7:27 AM #

        @ the first comment, speaking of dialects, it reminded me that other than May, the rest of the cast did a pretty good job with the dialect. I obviously don’t understand the language so I can’t tell if their pronunciation is accurate but at least it sounds natural to my ears. I doubt the cast was originally proficient in the dialect? So kudos to them (especially the main leads who had so many lines) for their effort and performance.
        Yes, the last episode was so rushed and many loose threads were left dangling.

        @Fia, happy Friday to you too!
        If BN were any smarter, she would have burned the dang loom years ago!
        Haven’t got started on Ter Keu Cheewit yet, been marathoning Don Quixote these few days but I’ll get round to it soon. 😉

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