Kaseifu no Mita ep1 thoughts

22 Oct

I intended to spend the day catching up on Roy Mai but I got stuck at the voodoo focused episodes and lost the motivation to continue. I went and browse through the currently airing Jdramas to see if any catches my eye and I settled on Kaseifu no Mita (Mita the Housekeeper) starring Matsushima Nanako. I developed a dislike for Matsushima since watching her in Koori no Sekai many many years ago (but I can’t remember why) and I generally avoid anything she’s in but I was intrigued by KnM’s poster and synopsis. A super domestic help with zero emotions? What kind of drama would that be? You can always count on Jdramas to come up with the unconventional and quirky and I was in the mood to give this a shot.

One episode in and I still have no idea what exactly is the point of this drama. Mita has zilch facial expression. Zero. Nada. She doesn’t appear to have a mind of her own and does everything that is instructed of her – to perfection of course. Will we get Mita’s backstory to explain why she’s so robotic or she’s just meant to be a fantasy character that helps change the Asuda family? Then we have the mystery (?) of Nagiko’s suicide. Why is Keiichi checking out his colleague barely two months after the death of his wife? What exactly has been going in the Asuda house?

I’m interested in checking out Bitter Sugar as well but can’t seem to find any episodes online. >_> For more information on the Jdramas mentioned, head over to Jdrama Weblog

One Response to “Kaseifu no Mita ep1 thoughts”

  1. Anonymous October 23, 2011 at 9:25 AM #

    Hahaha, I didn’t think I’d ever like Mart either but well, things happen. lol

    Hmm, Roy Mai is more of an epic romance through lifetimes and the focus is obviously on the Ateam couple. TR has more action against the conspiracy backdrop and other than romance, there are also themes like winning evil with good.

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