Sawan Biang ep 2

8 Oct

I will be seeing this project through for all 12 episodes but with so many dramas and so little time, I can’t say for sure how frequent my updates will be. ETA: Got lazy so most likely no further updates unless I get obsessed with SB again.

Memorable dialogue:


Kid (Kawee’s dad) changing wives seem to be something so common even the servants talk about it among themselves. I wonder if he kept divorcing or did they all die one after another?? It’s totally gross to see Kid chatting up a girl his son’s age in the favourite room of his first wife not long after his previous wife died! Kawee of course loses it when he hears that dad has brought his latest target to his mom’s room.

D: Why are you so bad-mannered? Khun Lee is my guest.
K: I don’t care whose guest she is! I don’t welcome her!
D: But I welcome her! This is my house! You have no right to act big with me here! If you want to show off your arrogance, go do it somewhere else.
K: I’ve told you the truth and you still protect this girl? I’ll tell you something dad, she’s not the good girl that you think she is and I don’t welcome her no matter as what. For this kind of woman, I wouldn’t want her even as a servant!
D: Wee, you’re really wicked!
K: Dad, you don’t have to praise me so often. Everyone knows that you are a father who loves his son so much.
Is it a testament to Ken’s acting when I always get worked up and rage on Kawee’s behalf in his confrontations with dad even though Kawee himself is behaving badly? I’m not a parent myself but I am someone’s child so it’s easier for me to empathise with Kawee when I see how Kid places others before his own son and never pause to think why Kawee is acting this way.

D [to Narin]: Though I’ve just gotten to know Khun Lee, I’ve known Kawee for all my life. I know well what kind of person he is.

No, you don’t actually know your son.


Kawee tries to scare Narin by pretending to run her over.


N: A problem child growing without love like you, I wouldn’t waste my time wanting you as my husband.
K: I don’t care for a homely looking, uneducated and ill mannered girl like you either. If I had really hit you today, I would drive back to crush you again. I won’t let you stand here cursing me like this.
N: For an arrogant, ill tempered and self centred guy like you, even though you’ll drive your car back to crush me to death, I’ll become a ghost standing here and cursing you everyday.


K: Even if I explained, you don’t believe me. You always see that someone else if better than me anyway.
D: Have you done anything good for me to see?
K: Though I do it, you don’t see.
D: Just try to do some. It’s not hard to go the good thing. Try to do it just once so I can see it. You make trouble all the time, how can I believe you?

D: If you keep this up further, I’ll cut all ties with you someday.
K: It’s already pretty much like that these days. You’ve never cared about me, why would I care about your people?

Episode thoughts:
Watching SB is such a emotional rollercoaster. On one hand, I can see how deeply Kawee is hurt by his dad’s actions and I do feel sorry for him when he sees his dad’s new wife’s family moving into the house his mom left (I think this will be mentioned in later episodes?). Yet, his actions towards Narin (and pretty much everyone else) is a clear indication of how emotionally unstable he is. No matter how many times I watch SB, I’m always perplexed by how encouraging Narin is to Leela accepting Kid as a way to win over Kawee. Knowing all that had transpired between them, shouldn’t Narin want to keep her sister as far away from Kawee as possible? If anyone has watched the previous versions, was it also Narin’s idea for Leela to date Kid?

Leela initially didn’t want to associate herself with Kid but due to Narin’s encouragement, she went out with Kid on dates and I get the feeling she was still habouring some hope that Kawee might notice her. Well, notice her he did but Leela just ended up getting insulted by Kawee all the more till the point where her love finally turned into hate.


Kawee was really scary when he sat in Narin’s room and waited for her then threatened her implicitly with rape. This shows how messed up he is inside when he can only express himself with violence and destruction and shouldn’t that have raise serious alarm bells with Narin to get out asap?

Then we see Leela appearing more concern about Kawee having something to do with Narin than the possobility of Narin getting hurt by Kawee. When I look back at SB, I see a lot of similarities between Kawee and Leela. They are often so blinded by their own hurt that they can’t see the hurt inflicted on those around them but like I’ve mentioned before, my sympathies lie with Kawee and not Leela. Kawee was not obligated to return Leela’s love and while he couldn’ve gone about the rejection in a nicer way, at least he was upfront about it and never led her on whereas she was the one who kept hanging on.

2 Responses to “Sawan Biang ep 2”

  1. Anonymous October 12, 2011 at 5:47 PM #

    Yeah I couldn’t sympathize much with Narin because she was the one who ENCOURAGED Leela. Maybe that is one of the many reason why I was so easily persuade to forgive Kawee lol

    • J October 13, 2011 at 3:35 AM #

      I do sympathize with Narin about the R part because she was the innocent party in the Kawee/Leela war and she was just minding her business walking home when Kawee dragged her off to you-know-what.
      I find Narin’s encouragement of Leela poor writing by the scriptwriter (or novelist? It’s based on a novel right?) because it really doesn’t make sense to me. On the other hand, Kawee’s character and his road to redemption was well-written which made me able to forgive all the horrible things he did. Plus Ken was absolutely mind blowing as Kawee don’t you think? 😉

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