Plerng See Roong ep 2-3

28 Sep

Where did I get the idea that PSR would be a less insane SB? It’s turning out to be crazier and dumbed down version of SB. Though Kawee and Leela’s actions were extreme, at least I understand the emotions driving their actions but with PSR, characterization is all over the place and logic is severely lacking.

The most badly written character is the p’ek Tin. When Jomkhuan said she was pregnant with Khuat’s child, Tin simply took her word for it. Later when Kat asks if Jomkhuan is really pregnant, Tin was like, of course she is! Khuat says she is his girlfriend and they’ve been cohabiting for months … unless… ZOMG, KHUAT IS GAY?? I don’t know whether to laugh or throw something at the screen over the stupid. Well, Khuat is gay but even if he wasn’t and was sleeping with Jomkhuan, it doesn’t necessarily mean she will get pregnant. Ever heard of contraceptives my dear? To cover up the fact that her son is actually gay, Kat quickly says that Jomkhuan is indeed pregnant and Tin took it as the absolute truth. What happened to pregnancy test kits and hospital check-ups huh? Considering how Tin keeps accusing Jomkhuan of being a slut and liar, wouldn’t it make more sense for him to doubt her?

Ok fine, Tin believes that Jomkhuan is pregnant with his nephew. Then why is he manhandling her just about every time they meet? Tin gets really physical with Jomkhuan, grabbing, shoving, slapping and even throwing her on the bed. The worst was when he caught her drinking wine and in his rage, he pinned her head down on the table and emptied the remaining bottle of wine over her face. Like seriously?? You’d treat a woman this way, a pregnant one no less? I haven’t even gotten to the thing that’s going on between him and his stepmom. Apparently Kat finally succeeds in seducing Tin in the next episode. Excuse me while I go barf.

The main reason why I’m still watching is to see how Jomkhuan wins Tin’s heart and spits it in Kat’s face. Gawd, I want to strangle that phony woman every time she shows up. And because Mart looks hot in suits, even if his character is dumb and even if he can’t act.

Someone save me quick, I think my standards just hit a new low.

I wouldn’t recommend this lakorn to anyone but if somehow the above sounds like your type of thing, you’re welcome to join me in the crazy.

Oh, I want to see Mai and Ros get their happy ending which they actually deserve.

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