Plerng See Roong ep 1

25 Sep

PSR is turning out to be the child of ‘Jam Leoy Ruk’ and ‘Sawan Biang’. As mentioned in my previous post, we have step-mom Kat pining after step-son Tin and doing her best to seduce Tin once her husband dies. Kat’s son Khuat commits suicide soon after because Kat could not accept that Khuat was gay and threatened to disown him. Tin is devastated by Khuat’s death and unaware of Khuat’s sexual orientation, believes Kat when she said Khuat killed himself because his girlfriend Jomkhuan was sleeping around. So now we have Tin swearing to kill Jomkhuan to revenge Khuat. Hmmm, sounds familiar?

Ep 1 was only setting up the stage for the conflict between the main couple but because there was so much background to pack in and so many things needed to happen, it all felt very rushed. I believe the pacing should even out by ep 2 since we will be starting on the story proper.

I like Mart and all, but my previous comment about him having the acting range of a tree trunk still stands. This is the 4th lakorn I’ve seen him in and I just feel like I’m watching Mart the actor in all of them unlike Ken or Aum who becomes the character they are playing. I’m pleasantly surprised by Susie though. I’m liking her portrayal of Jomkhuan with all her sass and spunk. And Louis Scott! He finally got rid of the long hair and is he leaner here or something? I’m actually finding him a wee bit attractive. Nampueng as Kat makes me feel like I’m watching Leela but she does make a good bitchy step-mom

2 Responses to “Plerng See Roong ep 1”

  1. jamieguo48 September 26, 2011 at 12:28 AM #

    Ohhh, I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole. JLK and SB, nope. I liked those two because I liked the actors, and they did a good job. But I don’t think Mart with his acting ability could make me feel sympathetic towards him.

    Maybe working with Ann in Qi Pao will help him. I think they do work as a couple, now if only he could act…

    • J September 26, 2011 at 1:42 AM #

      I know, I’m wondering why I’m even thinking of continuing PSR. -_-||| Maybe because I like Susie as Jomkhuan and want to see more of her.
      now if only he could act
      LOL, this x 100.

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