Mart Krissada

21 Sep

I never thought the day would come when I would want to watch Mart Krissada. I first saw him in Mae Ka Khanom Wan with Cherry but I dropped it half way. Later I tried watching Likit Gamathep (with Ann) and Plerng See Roong (with Susie) but neither sustained my interest beyond the first couple of episodes. While I thought Mart had the looks and built of a pra’ek, he had all the acting range of a tree which was why I immediately discounted Tard Rak when I knew he was one of the 4 main leads and I was aghast to hear that he would likely be the male lead in Qi Pao with Ann.

Well, how about eating some crow now.

Not that I suddenly think Mart is Oscar leading man material but after watching him in Tard Rak, I’m actually starting to fangirl him a little and I blame Prince Darb for it. Up until the last episode, Darb thought that the woman he loved was a slave prostitute and though he struggled with this issue for a while, ultimately he chose to give up money, his reputation as a prince and his marriage to a princess to have this woman as his only wife. Now, who wouldn’t love a man like that? Of course, things turned out dandy for our Prince because his ‘prostitute wife’ was actually the princess he was betrothed to all along!

I loved Mart/Cherry so much in Tard Ruk that after I finished marathon-ing it, I picked up Mae Ka Khanom Wan again and I’m all teeheehee at the OTP’s scenes when I felt zilch the first time I watched them together. Now I’m considering checking out more of Mart’s stuff. Any recommendations?

As for his possible collaboration with Ann in ‘Qi Pao’, I’m not that oppose to it now but I’m still hoping that a better actor Ken can be casted instead because Ann is such a strong actress.

I might do a review of Tard Ruk and Mae Ka Khanom Wan eventually but I think I’ll be spending my time on more lakorn watching and related fangirling. *__*

2 Responses to “Mart Krissada”

  1. Anonymous September 22, 2011 at 7:17 PM #

    Sorry If I’m wrong because I’m 100% new to your blog but I’m just going to assume that you want eng subbed Mart lakorns: Yuttakarn Huk Karn Thong is subbed by Anonblue on youtube, it has two OTP’s I personally preferred the other OTP to Mart and Rita. He is one of three OTP’s (three cousins and their 3 girls) in Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying which I haven’t watched so I can’t say if its good or bad. I know there is at least one more subbed one with Janie but it wasn’t that good imo and when I found out that it would have the dreaded ‘r’ scene I dropped it for good. Sorry for the long reply but there you have it: three subbed Mart lakorns. now I’ll just go back to reading your blog :p

  2. J September 23, 2011 at 1:38 AM #

    Hi, feel free to leave long comments on my posts cos I love to hear what others think of lakorns I’m watching. 🙂
    Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll go check out the synopsis for the lakorns you mentioned.

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