Roy Mai ep1-2

10 Sep

My last ATeam lakorn was ‘Namtan Mai’ and that didn’t turn out too well plus the more I saw of Aff, the less impress I was with her acting so suffice to say, I wasn’t exactly trembling in anticipation for ‘Roy Mai (Silk Trace)’. 2 episodes in though, I happy to say that it’s actually pretty good. Whatever my opinions are on Aff’s acting, she has an undeniable chemistry with Aum and I’m already rooting for Suriya and Rerin though they have just gotten to know each other. I love angst in stories and I foresee the angst coming in dollops when we get to what exactly happened to Prince Siriwong and Princess Maneerin.

What I didn’t expect was the horror element. Ok, it’s not really scary but I have a low tolerance for horror and the first time the demon/evil spirit or whatever thing that Mei was supposed to be showed up, I was startled. Other than that, we also have the ghost of King Siriwattana stalking Rerin. He’s nice and all, but seriously, if I were Rerin and this guy keeps showing up everywhere I go and disappearing suddenly, I’d be pretty freaked out.

2 Responses to “Roy Mai ep1-2”

  1. dangermousie September 10, 2011 at 11:52 AM #

    Ooooh, I want!!! Where can I watch this with subs?

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