5 Sep

is BL movie masquerading as a straight love story.

Consider this: Our main guy Ped breaks up with girlfriend Ern because his best bud Koong is also in love with her. Not that it actually helped fix the broken friendship because they remained estranged for the next two years. They meet again at a class reunion and Koong continues to ignore Ped. Unable to stand it any longer, Ped leaps on stage at the end and despite not being able to hold a note, sings their song with tears in his eyes as he sees Koong walk away. But! The camera zooms in on Koong and we see that his face is covered with tears as well … and he races back to the stage to finish the song before it all ends with the boys in an embrace.

Isn’t this kind of scene usually reserved for the main couple? Even Ern asked Ped ‘Are you gay?’ when they broke up. XD

Ok, I jest.

Ped and Ern were cute with their sweet first love story but it wasn’t as touching as I had expected seeing how it was produced by the same studio that did ‘Hello Stranger’. Not that it wasn’t an enjoyable watch. It was a hoot watching the escapades of Koong and friends and I didn’t not-like the Ped/Ern bits but it wasn’t cohesive enough to engage me emotionally.

I rate this: 3/5

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