2012 sg dramas

12 Aug

2012 9pm dramas

I’m happy to know that Unriddle 2 is confirmed but at the same time disappointed by the casting of Elvin Ng as the new villain. He might also be the potential love interest since Yu Ze will supposedly be murdered if the posting on fb is anything to go by. In any case, love interest or arch enemy, Elvin Ng’s addition has put a dampener on my anticipation of Unriddle 2. I don’t doubt his efforts in improving his acting and he has improved but problem is, he’s still not a good actor. Meh, I’ll reserve my judgement till the show airs.
The only other 2012 drama I’m looking forward to is ‘Joy of Life’ which is about life in Singapore in the 60s. It follows in the same vein as ‘Wok of Life’ which I adored plus it stars Rui En so I definitely have high expectations for this!

I’ve also started watching On the Fringe without intending to. The cast is pretty solid and even the teenage actors are performing better than expected. I haven’t watched enough to comment on the storyline so the only bone I have to pick so far is on Kate Pang’s character Zhong Ling. She’s supposed to be an illegal immigrant from China but Kate’s native Taiwanese accent keeps coming through every now and then despite her best efforts to fake the Chinese accent and it’s quite grating. I know it’s a drama but every time I hear her speak I’m reminded of how fake this is and that’s quite the impediment to getting invested in the character. Perhaps they should’ve casted Michelle Chong for this because she’s da bomb when it comes to faking accents. :p

7 Responses to “2012 sg dramas”

  1. J August 12, 2011 at 10:33 AM #

    The average Singapore drama has about 20+ episodes and each episode is 45 min long so it works out to be of the same length as a typical lakorn. Sg dramas are all aired with English subtitles but only a few are uploaded on youtube so I’m linking you to China’s streaming site. I’m not sure what kind of drama you prefer so I’ll just list a few that comes to mind. I grew up watching sg dramas so there’s a looooot I could recommend. haa

    Wok of life (50 ep) – I know you said you want something short but I was just thinking about this show so this popped up first! It’s about a lazy chef in the 90s who travels back in time to his dad’s days in 60s Singapore and people mistake him for his dad who actually ran away to avoid trouble. It has lots of laughs with some tears and drama in the later half. http://www.tudou.com/playlist/id2983201.html

    You are the One (25 ep) – The love stories of 3 sisters with very different personalities. I especially enjoyed the story of the career minded eldest sister (played by HK actress Nadia Chan) who ends up falling for her stingy colleague. http://www.tudou.com/playlist/id11288134.html

    The Little Nyonya (34 ep) – synopsis An engaging drama that showcases the interesting Peranakan culture. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hplBp9al-H0

    A Tale of 2 Cities – I’ve written a couple of posts on it, so click on the sg tv tag. 🙂 http://www.tudou.com/playlist/id11893372.html or http://video.xin.msn.com/browse/tv/show?tag=a+tale+of+2+cities

    • jamieguo48 August 16, 2011 at 5:43 AM #

      Thanks for the links. I didn’t realize the sg dramas are mostly subbed. That’s great. I think I’m most interested in A Tale of 2 Cities, but I was reading through your posts and also found Unriddle interesting, and Breakout. But I’m going to try to find some download links as I prefer it over streaming nowdays.

      • J August 16, 2011 at 6:45 AM #

        I didn’t recommend Unriddle cos I wasn’t sure if you liked police dramas but yes, it’s one of the better sg dramas in recent years.Breakout didn’t turn out as good as I anticipated though and I lost interest half way. Unriddle is on youtube in case you can’t find any d/l links. Hope you’ll enjoy them. 🙂
        Are you still following Mia Taeng? Can’t seem to find anything that interest me these days other than Spy Myung Wol and Material Queen but SMW is in total melt down mode with the lead actress going AWOL and MQ only airs once a week. >_>

      • jamieguo48 August 16, 2011 at 8:26 PM #

        Yep. I’m still liking Mia Taeng, although I’m a little behind. Still like/love the main girl, still think the pra-ek’s a dummy.

        I’ve also heard Protect the Boss is good, although I haven’t watched it yet. Also, Rahut Rissaya is good, one of the best lakorns I’ve watched.

      • J August 17, 2011 at 4:16 AM #

        I’ll be keeping track of your Rahut Rissaya recaps and hopefully get started on it when I’m in the mood for some slap/kiss action. Heeh.
        Re: Mia Taeng. Yea, my main problem with this lakorn is the stupid pra’ek though the nang’ek seems pretty awesome. I can take a certain level of childishness or self centered-ness and even occasional stupidity can be excused but from the recaps I’ve read so far, I can’t find any redeeming quality in Rome.

      • jamieguo48 August 17, 2011 at 5:13 PM #

        I can hang with Mia Taeng as long as it keeps knowing Rome is an idiot and if he actually does change for the better.

        As for Rahut Rissaya, I had to think about it before agreeing, ah yes, it is a slap and kiss, isn’t it? Because it’s got to be the funniest slap and kiss I’ve seen. Not just the servants can be funny, but Siva is often funny as well. For example, the usual slap and kiss moments where the pra-ek forcibly kisses the nang-ek in Rahut Rissaya goes from being this intense moment to a really comic scene in a flash.

        One thing this lakorn does really really well is intersperse the dramatic/tragic moments with sweet poignant scenes and/or flashes of humor.

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