Myung Wol the Spy ep6

29 Jul

I’m happy that KW and MW got to spend some alone time in the mountains and the short flirty time they had in the morning was oh-so-cute but my heart broke a little for Ryu when his happiness at finding MW after an entire night’s search lasted for about 2 seconds before he spotted KW. Sigh, I sure hope he finds happiness eventually though In Ah isn’t looking like such a good match at the moment. She’s too obsessed with KW and too self centred to accept the fact that he’s simply not interested in her but she gets one brownie point for at least looking shocked instead of gleeful when KW slapped MW.

Ah yes, The Slap. I believe KW is trying to get MW to hate him enough to leave him for both their sakes since his career will suffer from the scandal and she’ll get attacked by his crazy fans. MW risked her life for KW a few times before so he probably thought that her ‘love’ for him is SO DEEP he needed to do something extreme to make her back off. Still, the slap felt really out of place, not to mention overboard.

According to the translation on baidu, MW’s fake parents came up with a plan to kidnap KW on the day of his showcase in order to let her get close to him again. Eh, is MW supposed to save KW from his ‘kidnappers’?

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