After School Red is red hot

29 Jul

After School got split into two units, Red and Blue. Red goes the sexy route while Blue does cutesy-pie and no surprise, Kahi is with Red. I had forgetten all about their comeback and was actually on yt to check out Miss A’s CB but Miss A’s tired performance couldn’t hold my attention past the first minute. Min and Suzy looked zone out while Jia seemed really tired and I was worried she was gonna faint on stage or something. Only Fei looked like the performer I was expecting. Anyhow, the suggested videos on the sidebar reminded me of After School’s CB and I ended watching their two CB stage a few times each.

Now I know the names of two more AS members! Haa, perhaps that’s the purpose of breaking them into two units. Honestly, with so many members, casual fans like me can only remember one or two of the more prominent members. The blond is Nana and Jung Ah is the one with a pony tail. I almost couldn’t recognize Kahi with bangs (not suitable) but she still kicks ass. Uee’s lack of expression still bugs me. Like what a comment on yt said, she looks posessed. Why can’t she just move her facial muscles a little??

I watched AS Blue’s performance as well but it was just another simple, cute song with simple, cute dance moves which are dime a dozen on the K-pop scene. Not impressed.

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