Myung Wol the Spy ep5

26 Jul


Aigoooo… you’re totally killing me here Sexy Comrade. Myung Wol can have Kang Woo. I’ll take you any day.

The NK team goes on Operation Seduce and Bed Kang Woo with hilarious results (as usual). I think I died when MW took the command to ‘throw herself at KW’ quite literally and jumped on top of him.

While I’m happy to see MW and KW make progress in their relationship, I feel really bad for Ryu. He’s trying so hard to keep his emotions in check but doesn’t look like he’s succeeding. D:
I initially shipped him with In Ah but I’m getting a little tired of her obsession with KW and her endless tantrums. Hopefully In Ah gets some development soon!

Acks. Plenty of angst coming! Short of discovering she’s a NK spy, I can’t believe KW would actually slap MW in public.

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