26 Jul

‘Devotion’ was purportedly Ch8’s midyear ‘blockbuster’ but the storyline sounds more soap opera-ish than blockbuster material. It’s basically about the life of the title character Ah Di (her name is the Chinese title) and how she goes through hardships, raise 5 kids who are not her own and finally reunites with her first love. Neh, not my kinda thing. But I found myself watching mid way through (after Zoe Tay starts playing her age. Gawd, seeing her and Chen Hai Wei act as 18 year olds were cringe worthy. They should’ve found younger actors to play them when they were younger.) and now I’m actually hooked. :p

I’m mainly attracted by the story between 2 of Ah Di’s kids – Shan Shan and Shuang Jie. Shuang Jie initially dates his other ‘sister’ Siwen but later realised that the one he really loves is Shan Shan and we get some angsty times as they try to deal with the love triangle. It sounds so incestuous but all 5 kids knew they were adopted from young so it doesn’t feel so icky.


Shan Shan is played by Taiwanese actress Wang Xin Ru. I know her from Taiwanese variety shows (I think she was in a girl group called ‘Yummy’ many years ago. Yea, that foray into music didn’t turn out very well) but it was only after seeing her in ‘Devotion’ that I realized how pretty she was. Perhaps that’s why I’m rooting for Shan Shan though she’s the third party? Haa. It helps that Shan Shan’s bubbly and slightly rebellious character is more interesting than the quiet Siwen.

I also love the theme song by Kit Chan. I’ve missed her voice so much!

The trailer is not subbed but the drama is broadcasted with eng subs so if anyone is interested you can find it on youtube.

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