Material Queen ep5

23 Jul

Wow, every time I start thinking perhaps MQ isn’t quite working for me, boom, something takes me by surprise and strings me right back along.

The first half of ep5 was so-so for me. It was sweet how Jia Hao went back to help Chu Man in the end despite knowing that she tricked him into giving her his precious manuscript, and she returned the favour by giving up the chance to ask Yan Kai Ming out for a dinner date and instead requested for YKM to contact Eugene so that Jia Hao can finally know how his dad got the manuscript. All peachy and nice but Lynn and Vanness’ acting couldn’t quite carry the emotions. It wasn’t baaaaad but it wasn’t enough for me to buy into their budding romance. Plus the part about how Jia Hao’s dad moved Eugene into composing a short song on the spot was a tad contrive.

I think Lynn does Chu Man better when she’s being her calculative self. I loved the part where she cut a deal on a spot with Xue and Miranda to bring them on her side and help chase Jia Hao back. I also loved her face off with YKM. YKM is turning out to be a much more complex secondary guy than I had expected. He’s like the male version of Chu Man, but 100 levels up. He’s shrewd, manipulative and he’ll do everything to get what he wants. I thought he would lead Chu Man along and trick her into helping him take over the land where Chao Nan Market is on but nope, it’s all out in the open by this episode! Chu Man saw right away that YKM had an ulterior motive and he was also candid about his intention to let Chu Man help him take over Chao Nan Market but ultimately, YKM still held the upper hand. He knows the sort of person that Chu Man is and he is baiting her by hinting that if she succeeds in the Chao Nan matter, he may start liking her more.

From ep6 previews, it appears that YKM manages to get the Chao Nan Market land after Chu Man helps in the sabotaging plan. Hmmm, once again, I can’t imagine how they are gonne fill the remaining episodes at the speed that they are moving at but I’m gaining more faith in this production with each episode.

episode 6 preview

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