what happened to wishboniko’s yt channel??

13 Jul

My heart dropped when I went to wishy’s channel and I’m told that it’s not available! Though I’m not following her current subs for ‘Tas Rak’, I do re-watch many of her subbed lakorns from time to time, like I’m doing with ‘Suay Rerd Cherd Sod’ now. Thankfully wishy’s videos are still up on yt when I search for the respective titles but I wonder if I should start dl-ing Sawan Biang those that I really like?

Anyway, I had a good laugh with SRCS over my lunch break. Nop is major failz as Pim’s boyfriend but no doubt he is hilarious when pitting his wits against Khuan. I’m at ep6 now and though Khuan wouldn’t admit it over her dead body, she does appreciate what Nop has done for her and is including him in the tiny circle of people she wants to be nice to. I think it’s cute that Khuan is also extending her help to Pim as she views Pim as an extension of Nop … which again shows how lousy Nop is as a boyfriend. Everyone is trying to help Pim except her boyfriend! I thought Pim moped too much the first time I watched SRCS but now I think she has every reason to be unhappy. Her boyfriend is disinterested, her mom is deep in debt due to gambling and trying to pimp her out to every other rich guy, her boyfriend’s brother is interested in her and she’s also got a crazy girl who’s interested in the brother trying to wreck her career. I’d be pretty mope-y too!

I haven’t been reading the manga, just keeping track of the plot on bleachness … but the colour spread in the latest issue is #)$%*!@ good. It’s great to see all my favourite characters who have been missing since the fullbringer arc and in colour at that! Hope they’ll return to the manga soon. You are missed Rukia!!

2 Responses to “what happened to wishboniko’s yt channel??”

  1. J July 13, 2011 at 6:47 AM #

    thanks a lot for the links! You need to register with AM addiction to access the dl links?

    • jamieguo48 July 14, 2011 at 12:14 AM #

      Yeah, and they have passwords to all their stuff, but I like the site. They have some dramas you won’t find elsewhere, like the older Thai dramas wishboniko subbed and so on.

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