Mia Teng teaser / Material Queen ep 5 preview

13 Jul

ETA: original video posted got removed so here’s another version of the teaser

Hmm, Ka Kong Khon all over again? Why does the nang’ek always have a male best friend in such lakorns? I can’t tell if Chompoo’s guy bestie here is holding a torch for her but I’d be surprise if he wasn’t!
And is it a lakorn rule that the nang’rai must apply BRIGHT RED lipstick? Is that some kind of slut indicator??

Material Queen is moving faster than I expected and also not in the direction that I thought it would. I’m still not crazy in love with it but it has become more enjoyable since ep3 like I hope it would.
– Jia Hao’s lie of graduating from music school in Paris is already exposed and while everybody did angst over it for a while, it didn’t turn out to be much of an issue.
– Yan Kai Ming already knows that Chu Man is a gold digger out to get his attention. From the initial previews, I thought that YKM was genuinely interested in Chu Man but now it seems like he will be using her in his plan to take over the land where Chao Nan Market is currently on.

We’re only at ep 5! I wonder how they are going to fill the remaining 15 episodes.

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