28 Jun

This space has taken a backseat ‘cos I had been buried under a mountain of work for the past month. I catch up on whatever tv I can but there’s no motivation to write lengthy responses anymore. Hmm, let’s see what I’ve covered since my last post …

Sherlock (BBC series) – I love this modern take on the famous detective and the London backdrop is certainly a refreshing change since I don’t watch many British productions. A second season is apparently in the works and I can’t wait for it!

White Collar S3 – The last season was a tad ho-hum for me but the new season is looking good. Still not digging Neal/Sara but Sara is bugging me less now and El! No one beats the awesomeness that is Elizabeth Burke.

Kehas See Daeng (The Red Mansion) – Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get beyond epi7. The relationship between Rud and Nong kept going in circles and every time it seemed like they managed to further their understanding of each other, they end up right where they started. Too much screen time was also spent on the bajillion side characters who are annoying or boring. I really like the look of this lakorn, pity about the poor story telling.

Tas Ruk (Slave of Love) – I had been looking forward to this but episode 1 didn’t quite grab me like I had anticipated. Might give it another shot when it’s fully subbed.

BOSS S2 – Ep2 of s1 was so silly I almost stopped watching but I ended up loving the rest of the show so when s2 got off to a lacklustre start, I kept thinking it’ll get better on the next episode and even persevered up to ep8 but I end up disappointed each time. Some gags are funny and I enjoyed the banter between Eriko and Nodate but overall the humour feels forced and the team just isn’t as fun anymore. If they had a strong plot that might at least help to satisfy the mystery buff in me but nope, each case-of-the-week ranged from blah to outright inane. Kimoto (Toda Erika) is coming back for the last couple of ep though so that’s a bit of motivation to complete this drama.

Material Queen – I liked the first episode and I do intend to continue but it doesn’t make me wait in anticipation for the next episode.

The only show that’s getting me anything close to excited is White Collar and I need more!! Recs anyone?

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