Love Never Dies ep8

21 Apr

Phew, finally finished up episode 8.

Ram follows Plai and tries to convince her that Tripoom is a bad person and she should work for him instead. Plai is having none of it and tells him she’s perfectly happy working for Tripoom so Ram should just beat it. Ram is none too please and bares his fangs at her retreating figure to show his intention of biting her or only for dramatic effect I’m not sure, but he gets interrupted by a group of teenagers passing by so he quickly hides behind a pillar.

ep 8 seq2a
While Ram is busy hiding from kids, Maya springs a surprise attack on Plai. Like I’ve said before, I do feel sympathetic towards Maya but sorry girl, Ram is obviously not into you any more so no amount of intimidating or killing other females around him is going to help your cause. Anyhow, Plai gets roughed up good and just as Maya was about to bite her to presumably kill her by sucking her blood dry, Ram the villain comes and saves the day!

ep 8 seq3
Ram chases Maya away and gets a bit touchy with the unconscious Plai. Btw, he’s not sniffing her neck in that cap. He’s actually licking the blood from the wound that Maya caused. Hmmm. Just as Ram was about to bite Plai, she wakes up and he quickly pretends to be helpful and deny seeing a woman attack her.

ep 8 seq3b
This could easily be a scene between the main couple. :p This is slightly shippy Ram/Plai. Ram, with his ambitions and zero care for people’s lives is not good match for Plai but I do ship them a little on a purely aesthetic level. I like mah bad boys.
The synopsis said that Ram would fall for Plai and fight with Tripoom to keep Plai and his immortality and I had been interested to see how a person like Ram, who treats humans as items on his dinner menu, could fall in love but judging from the actual progress of the lakorn, I doubt Ram will ever love Plai like Tripoom does. He is definitely interested in Plai but only because 1)she doesn’t give two hoots about him 2) she chose Tripoom over him. It really is a matter of pride, not love. So I guess that ends my little dream of seeing a bad boy with no conscience angst over luurrrv.

ep 8 seq4
Tripoom finally informs Plai that breaking the curse means everyone who is currently under the curse will turn to dust, including himself. Plai is saddened and shocked by this, and after consideration, she decides to quit her job. Tripoom tells Plai that it wouldn’t make a difference because he can always find someone else to help him find the dragon dagger and Plai asks Tripoom why is he so adamant on breaking the curse? If he wanted to stop Ram and co. from harming humans, she would gladly help him burn them to ashes. You go girl. I love Plai, she’s no damsel in distress and she’s always ready to protect her man. I’m getting ahead of myself here but in episode 10 when she stands between Tripoom and Ram to protect Tripoom, I was all asdlkfjas;lkdfj.

Tripoom says he’s been living for far too long and he just wants to end this eternity that he’s stuck in. I do get where he’s coming from because the transient nature of life is what makes it precious. There wouldn’t be any value in time if you had eternity and especially not when you have to spend it alone. But to Plai, here is a man whom she has just fallen in love with and all he wants is to die asap! In a last ditch attempt to change his mind, Plai says ‘If you’re sure that there’s nothing now that makes you want to go on living, I’ll go right back to work’ but Tripoom breaks her heart by answering that yes, indeed there’s nothing in this world that makes him want to go on living.

ep 8 seq5

Both of them spend the rest of the night being emo but on this show, nothing is left simmering for too long so they both get some timely advice from the elders in their life. I especially like what Plai’s mom told her, which I would summarized as ‘live and love everyday like it’s your last, so you won’t have any regrets when it’s time to part’. Cliché maybe, but it’s definitely something we could all learn to practice in real life!

Anou’s finally realizes it’s not all fun and games being a vampire when she finds out she’s now dependent on human blood. She looks more like a serial killer here than a vampire!

ep 8 seq10
Tripoom goes to Plai’s house the next day to pick her up for work but his real intention is to tell her that he does indeed care for her. Predictably, his little confession keeps getting interrupted by barking dogs and Uncle Ching/Maha. Unpredictably though, Tripoom doesn’t wait another 5 episodes to get it out of him. As he follows Plai out of the house, he tells Plai without hesitation that he lied when he told her there was nothing he cared for in this world. He doesn’t get to say that he cared for her due to Sing’s untimely phone call but this is good enough for me because from all the intense gazing going on, I think Plai got the message.

Anou’s recent strange behavior is making Sing worried so he asks Plai to talk to Anou, thinking that perhaps it will be easier for Anou to talk to Plai as they are both girls. Sing is naturally Not Pleased when Tripoom shows up behind Plai and I kinda felt bad for Sing when he said ‘oh right, now he’s the one taking care of you, not me.’

ep 8 seq12a
Sing then leaves for a meeting and unbeknown to them, Anou’s blood lust is acting up. Just as Tripoom and Plai step into the house, Plai gets attacked by Anou but she’s easily subdued by Tripoom. After the gigantic fire blower, we get another ROFL moment when Tripoom magically produced a bottle of blood for Anou from his pocket. I was like … REALLY?? Trust me, I’ve been noticing how well Tripoom’s clothes fit him and there’s no way he could be hiding a freakin bottle of emergency blood supply in his pants!

ep 8 seq13b
Anyway, this is how the face off ends. Haa, for actual dialogue, please refer to subbed episodes.

ep 8 seq15
Two parts that I love about this scene.
Plai: Have you ever thought of turning me to your kind?
Tripoom: You’re fine just the way you are, there’s no need to change you. (Paraphrased by me)
I had expected Tripoom to give a reasons like not wanting Plai to be lonely in eternity or have to feed on blood blah blah blah, but no, he loves her just the way she is and I find this so much more romantic than any I-love-yous.
Though Tripoom doesn’t use the L word, his actions have proven over and over again how much he cares for Plai and Plai actually understands this. It’s annoying when some nang’eks are so hung up about hearing ‘I love you’ that no matter what the pra’ek does, it’s always ‘boohoo, he doesn’t love me or else why wouldn’t he say so??’. For once we get a shy main guy but Plai is all ‘it’s ok if you can’t say it, I will tell you how I feel.’ How amazing is Plai huh? Tripoom is touched by Plai’s confession and we finally get some skinship!

ep 8 seq14
But I’d have to say the sweet scene was pretty awkward. Do guys go for kisses on the cheek when terribly touched? Meh, it felt rather unnatural to me.

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