Ka Kaung Kon ep10-14

31 Mar

Ep 10 of KKK was so lovely and sweet (not just because of the willing. Really. Haa), with Luck, Gluay and Margie enjoying quality time together away from the host of meddlers. They have been going back and forth with the slap/kiss routine for 9 episodes already so it was very much a relief when the entire episode 10 passed without any sudden interruptions. Really, I was half expecting Jen to find the garden house and get into yet another cat fight with Gluay in front of her grandma and giving grandma a heart attack or something.

It was a touching and romantic lead up to the willing and I was really hoping that they can have more faith in their own feelings and each other but after they leave the garden house, they head back to the same ol’ set of problems. Sigh, I know we need conflict to keep the lakorn going but when the same kind of conflict happens over and over again, it’s tiresome for me as a viewer.

The SOP: Gluay keeps things from Luck -> Luck sees Gluay with Jed/Peemarn, jumps to conclusions and goes into a jealous rage -> Luck insults Gluay and insinuates she’s a slut -> Gluay looks at him tearfully AND NOT EXPLAINING THE SITUATION while still clinging on to the other guy or allowing the other guy to cling on to her -> Other Guy joins the argument and/or starts a scuffle with Luck -> Fight breaks up and everyone leaves feeling very pissed off. It works in the same way when Jenjira is involved on Luck’s side.

This happened in episode 2. It’s still happening in episode 14. Doesn’t anybody learn anything between then and now? Only Peemarn is showing some development and he has managed to get back into my good books by growing up a little (I know. Shocking.) KKK will be getting extended due to the high ratings (it’s still a mystery to me why ch7 lakorns always win the ratings game by such a big margin) and while I’m not sure of the exact number of episodes it’ll be getting, some numbers being thrown out on forums indicate that there will be anything from 19 to 22 episodes. Goodness.

Guess I’ll be leaving this aside till the last episode comes!

ETA: according to Anon’s comment on her vid, KKK will end on 8 April with 19 episodes.

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