Love Never Dies ep 7 selected caps

29 Mar

ep7 seq1a
Watching them makes me smile so much my cheeks are aching.

ep7 seq5
Plai’s family wouldn’t let her go to work at Tripoom’s so he offers to come to her place and let Uncle Maha read his fortune to put them at ease. She’s hanging out her (? I don’t think her mom wears a corset bra. XD) underwear when he shows up and we get another a cute moment of them.

ep7 seq9

ep7 seq8

After a short conversation by the road side (why is there a bench there?), Plai gets up and walks away when Tripoom stops her. She does a bit of expression-control and turns around to give her best nonchalant look when he points the other way and ask ‘isn’t your house that way?’. Heeh, I’d be so embarrassed if I were Plai.

ep7 seq2
Plai asks Tripoom a series of questions regarding Uncle Maha’s reading of his fortune (I think it links them together as lovers) and she’s all happy-shy while he looks on indulgently. Aslkdjfaslkdfh. What a way to end the episode. I’m hoping for a kiss but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Ok, now that I’m done fangirling the main couple, let’s give the villains a bit of time.

ep7 seq7
Maya, you have my sympathies. Ram only treats you as toy in bed and a tool to carry out his evil plans … and you can’t even get a break from the hairstylist. Hope you can be lucky like Jenjira in ‘A Person’s Value’ and get rid of this monstrous thing on your head later in the lakorn.

ep7 seq4
In order to make Ram kill Anou, Maya purposely lets Anou witness Ram sucking the blood of a human but it ended with Ram letting Anou go and him being further pissed off with Maya. 人家被帅哥托下巴,你也被帅哥托下巴,怎么结果差那么多呢? 同人不同命呀,不是女主就只能委屈了。

Speaking of the villains, they aren’t too bright. After watching subbed epi5 and 6, it confirms that nasty Uncle Jit wants to find the antiques and destroy them. Eh, didn’t you have 5 of the antiques in the first place? Just break any one piece and you can sleep in comfort for the rest of eternity because then Tripoom won’t be able to break the curse but Ram came up with the brilliant plan of auctioning them all at once to lure Tripoom out only to have Tripoom bid all the pieces away. But hey, what’s a lakorn without a few plot holes here and there right? I’ll just concentrate on the good parts. 😉 Can’t wait for episode 8 tonight!

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