Love Never Dies ep 5-6

23 Mar

hands touch lnd

Their hands touched! *giggles like a maniac*

Oh man, I just watched ep5 and 6 without subs and fangirled like crazy over every scene with Tripoom and Plai (and there were many. Thanks director!). I initially only wanted to cap the scene of their hands touching but I got carried away and capped like half of ep6… I’m in deep on this one, you think? XD

*edited after watching subbed version*
Tripoom and Plai returned from Japan in ep5 and most of it was spent with Plai’s family trying to convince her that Tripoom is a murderer and/or vampire and Plai choosing to believe in Tripoom.

lnd seq7Tripoom loves watching Plai eat. There must have been like 6,7 such scenes so far of Tripoom just watching Plai eat and he’s always ‘not hungry’ when Plai asks why isn’t he eating. Anyway, they are talking over food again and Plai wants to return the Buddha statue that he gave her uncle but he refused, hence the hand touching scene. Later, he offers to pay for her mom’s eye operation and she rushes to pay so she can go home to share the news with her mom. Tripoom had already left by the time she comes back to the table, leaving the Buddha statue there.

Things ain’t going too well at Tripoom’s house. Evil Uncle shows up with his minions and beats up Tripoom’s guys because they wouldn’t tell him where the antiques are kept. The vampires in LND can only be killed by fire so Evil Uncle uses a small flame blower to threaten the butler but Tripoom shows up in time to save him. The fight moves outside where Tripoom’s guy shows up with a gigantic flame blower! I was ROFL big time at this scene. They exchange more blows and do their fang-baring-vampire-roaring routine whilst unbeknown to them, Plai shows up to return the Buddha statue. She sees them facing off and obviously flips out. Evil Uncle flies away (yea, he flew) when he notices a stranger on scene though I have no idea why. I’m sure he can easily kill a mere human. But anyway …

lnd seq6

Plai accuses Tripoom of lying to her but he reminds her he never said he wasn’t a vampire (I think. Not too sure about this line) told her to recall the conversation they had earlier. She was the one who came to that conclusion that he was 100% human and even told him that she wouldn’t be afraid of him no matter what he is. He then explains the situation to her, the curse of the cave and how they came to be vampires blah blah blah. After Tripoom’s explanation, Plai calms down and recalls their time together. She decides to continue working for Tripoom and help him recover the last 2 items to break the curse. (Plai must really be in love with Tripoom! She accepted that Tripoom was a vampire so quickly … haa, but if he was as hot as Dome, I’d be on his side too.)

lnd seq4

She gets home and hears some info from Sing regarding the investigation into the murders or Tripoom (not sure, but somehow Tripoom related) Sing talking about what Ram told him regarding Tripoom. She later calls Tripoom to inform him and it’s super cute when she says she’s worried about him and he thanks her for being worried. To up the cute quotient, Plai rolls on her bed in glee after she hangs up (she likes rolling on her bed as much as Tripoom likes watching her eat. She’s done it a few times already).

lnd seq1

The next day Plai rushes to Tripoom’s house early in the morning to start helping him. Lots of talking went on and then our nang’ek trips! And pra’ek catches her! And they look longingly into each other’s eyes! Yes, I was squeeing like mad. :p

lnd seq3

To show how accepting she is of Tripoom being a vampire, Plai even brings a glass of blood to him. They talk some more and Plai grabs Tripoom’s hand in excitement. They talk about the other vampires around and Plai comments that she wouldn’t know if a person was a vampire unless she touches their hand. *grabs Tripoom’s hand in demonstration* He teases her about taking advantage of himsomething and she turns away in embarrassment only to turn back and find his face so close to hers. Cue more intense staring.

Rest of the episode is on Ram and Ano, so no caps.

I love Tripoom and Plai so much for not being afraid to say thanks or sorry. They don’t let problems between them simmer and any unhappiness is always dealt with quickly. Like in ep 5 when they argued, he apologizes on the same day and she accepts it graciously. Of course, he does it in a teasing way by walking in on her while she’s naked in the onsen and before he leaves, he had to end it by saying he better go before his vision gets affected.

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