Love Never Dies ep1-4

22 Mar

Thoughts on Love Never Dies so far in short: DOME IS SO HOT.

*cough* ok, actual thinky thoughts:
The pacing is a little uneven, with the story stalling in ep 4 for the sake of showing off tourist spots in Japan. I wonder if the filming in Japan was sponsored by the Japan Tourism board or something because at times it felt like I was watching a travelogue with Tripoom helpfully explaining a particular place to Plai. I mean, I love Japan, especially Osaka, but I’m watching a lakorn here, I want to see some plot. I thought the Japan trip was a bit of a waste because it could’ve been better used as a beautiful backdrop to show development in Tripoom and Plai’s relationship but most of the time we got a MTV of them going places but Ram and Maya just showed up in Japan so maybe we’ll be getting some action in ep5.


While Tripoom and Plai were making eyes at each other in Japan, everyone else who aren’t vampires were unknowingly leading the evil vampires to Tripoom. Guess it’s not their fault for thinking Tripoom is the evil one here because Ram and co hasn’t really showed up on their radar but well, sucks to be Tripoom. He can’t even romance a girl in peace without things going wrong back at home.

Sing is the main meddler here, sneaking into Plai’s room and taking pictures of her stuff and eventually freaking out Plai’s mom and uncles by telling them that Tripoom is a murder suspect. Though I disagree with his actions, I’m surprisingly not annoyed by him. Perhaps because the villains will have to find Tripoom eventually for the story to move along, I view Sing’s meddling as a necessary plot device. Also, while like Jed, Sing is in love with his friend, who’s unfortunately not in love with him, Plai here doesn’t give Sing any ideas about taking their relationship to the next level. She tells him in no uncertain terms that they are only friends and there’s a limit to how much a friend can interfere in her life. Which leads me to my next point …

The reason why I’m so in love with this lakorn is because Tripoom and Plai make such a wonderful OTP. I find myself smiling like an idiot when watching Tripoom and Plai scenes because they are so adorable together. The cheerful Plai is a perfect fit for the cold Tripoom and they get plenty of alone-time to get to know each other without any misunderstandings from not speaking their minds or annoying 3rd parties but then those are probably not needed since the tiny fact that Tripoom is a vampire should be a sufficient obstacle for their relationship!

To be honest, Dome’s acting needs a lot more work. He basically stands around furrowing his brows and reading his lines in a monotone but thankfully, he’s playing an emotionally closed off vampire so the stiff acting isn’t too grating. Of course, it also helps that he’s easy on the eyes and we’ve been getting generous shots of him topless… probably a trick by the director to distract us from his acting? Hmmm, it’s working. It was also a smart move to pair him up with Ploy because they already have chemistry from their years of dating in the past and though they are no longer a couple now, I can still feel sparks flying between them on screen. They make a beautiful couple but apparently they broke up because Dome cheated on her so erm… yea, hope they are happy with their respective partners now!


Plai and her men. Left to right: Sing, Tripoom, Plai, evil vampire Ram.
I’m liking Ram a lot because he shows off his 6 pack as much as Tripoom does and I really wouldn’t mind when he starts fighting with Tripoom for Plai!

Ploy is really pretty in LND (bangs didn’t work for her in ‘Roses without thorns’) and it’s great to see her as nang’ek again. She was at her bitch psycho nang’rai best in 2010 but I’m happy to read that she’ll be taking on all nang’ek roles in 2011! And yay, Rabum Duang Dao is being subbed on vikii now. From what I’ve read, Ploy is evil AND mental in this and looks like plenty of over-the-top stuff will happen but I’ll still check it out for Ploy.

Other random thoughts:
Is it a rule for vampires to wear black? They are decked out in black from head to toe 99.9% of the time. Hmm, guess it got too boring so Ram bling-ed up his black suits.
Would it harm the evil vampires if the 117 antiques from the cave were destroyed? If not, wouldn’t it be easier for them to just smash up a vase or two they had in their collection and that would prevent Tripoom from completing the collection. I hope there’s an explanation for this point later in the lakorn.

One Response to “Love Never Dies ep1-4”

  1. J March 23, 2011 at 10:49 AM #

    Haa, no, the scriptwriters probably thought they had their hands full with the few vampires. The vampires here drink blood and can only be killed by being thoroughly burned with fire, yea, that’s about all the rules they have!

    I didn’t think the vampire thing could work in a lakorn but so far, it’s not as lame as I had expected plus the main couple is hitting all of my buttons. Maybe you can wait for the subs to be completed before giving this a shot ‘cos I got myself hooked and it’s tough having to wait for new episodes and subs. D: But if you ever get into this, it’d be nice to fangirl together. heeh.

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