back to Ka Kaung Kon

19 Mar

I’m starting on ep 7 I’m getting increasingly exasperated with the show. I want to hit Peemarn, Jed and Jen on the head with a bat so they would quit disturbing Luck and Gluay. Usually there’s only one secondary girl (or ocassionally guy) who is struck with the inability to understand why the main guy/girl does not reciprocate her feelings but we have three, THREE such persons here and they are doing a great job of irritating me.

And I’d like to put on the record that Peemarn is EPIC FAILZ. He wanted to break off his enagagment with Nahtah after learning about that Luck and Gluay were only faking their marriage … guess what he did? He asked Nahtah out and told her ‘oops, sorry, I can’t forget the love of my life so can you make up some reason to announce to the outside world that you want to break off our engagement?’ You my friend, are a coward and loser. He wants things his way, but he doesn’t want to take any responsibility. Ultimately, the person he loves most is himself because when Luck threatened him with Margie, Peemarn would rather enter into a loveless marriage with Nahtah than be a man and own up to the mistakes he made 8 years ago. Margie is your daughter for goodness sake. You would deny her existence so as not to spoil your chances with Gluay?

Not to say there weren’t stuff I liked. The scene where Luck gave his mom’s ring to Gluay was really sweet but I need more such scenes of them understanding each other because everything else is getting on my nerves. I actually went to watch some unsub parts of ‘Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tai’ to put myself in a better mood!

ETA: Gah, I want to slap some sense into Peemarn. Are you even using that head of yours to think? Repeat after me, Gluay is not in love with you. Gluay has no intention of marrying you. Complain all you want about your mom forcing you to marrying someone you don’t love but for the last freaking time, you were not separated from Gluay. You two were not together to begin with! And he continues to be a huge jerk to Nahtah by not bothering to hide his love for Gluay and sings praises of Gluay in front of the girl he just got engaged to! He seemed to have forgotten that Nahtah just saved his ass by agreeing to the engagement despite all the crap he spouted to her previously. acks.

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  1. Anonymous March 22, 2011 at 8:15 PM #

    What, no werewolves? I’m thinking about watching this, but I just don’t know if I’m in the mood for vampires right now. Do the vampires here follow common vampire lore, drink blood, no reflections, no bright sunshine (although that one picture seems to belie it)?

    “…but then those are probably not needed since the tiny fact that Tripoom is a vampire should be a sufficient obstacle for their relationship!”

    Yeah, I’m constantly amazed writers feel the need to add unnecessary obstacles when natural ones already exist. Do you really need a clinging ex girlfriend/boyfriend when you have two different species, aka MGIAG and this show?

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