Ka Kaung Kon 5

17 Mar

Earth to Peemarn, earth to Peemarn. Yea, it sucks to have your entire family (servants included)and the girl you like lie to you but you seemed to be a little confused now. Liking somebody doesn’t equate that somebody liking you back (why does this remind me of some rabid IchiHime shippers?). You courted Gluay aggressively but she already told you even before all this mess with your brother that she only treats you as a friend so why are you talking as if you and Gluay are star-crossed lovers forced apart by your mother and brother? I thought Peemarn was a nice chap, if a little weak before his mom, before but by now he’s showing himself to be a spoiled brat who kicks up a fuss when he doesn’t get what he wants.

Then there’s Jed who’s afflicted with the same I-love-Gluay-so-she-must-love-me disease as Peemarn. Buzz off please. Luck on the other hand, needs to realise that he is falling for Gluay and start being an adult about it. His 5 year old pulling pigtails routine is getting a bit tiring. Luck and Gluay are actually really cute together when they are being civil to each other but Luck always spoils it all by flying into a jealous rage over some random stuff. Ah, poor Gluay, the perils of a beautiful woman.

Shall comment more about the plot tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Ka Kaung Kon 5”

  1. jamieguo48 March 17, 2011 at 10:18 PM #

    What I’m wondering is why Gluay accepted Jed’s ring in the first place, since she’s obviously 10x more into Luck. But I guess you could always use a back up guy.

    I’m liking the fact that occasionally the characters actually act intelligently, like Gluay and Luck talking about his mother, Khun Kare’s talk with them. Of course it’s usually spoiled by jealousy which turns into stupidity for both Luck (going out to Jen’s) and Gluay (going to see Jed when she knows Luck will be rabid when he hears about it).

    • J March 18, 2011 at 3:35 AM #

      Yea, I like Gluay a lot but the one thing I would pick about her would be her ‘softness’ towards guys who are quite obviously infatuated with her. It really doesn’t help their obsession with you when you’re all nice and gentle towards them.

      I see some comments on youtube criticizing Khun Kare for causing the problems but the only thing I can fault her for is coddling Peemarn too much and causing him to become this weak person. She was pushy about the marriage thing but she did ask for Peemarn’s consent before proposing Nahtah and if I were her, I’d definitely be concerned about ruining the family name/son’s future if Peemarn breaks off the engagement. She’s generally a nice and reasonable person (thank you lakorn for no evil bitchy step mothers)and she can’t be too bad if Luck is showing her this much respect for a step mom right?

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