The Fierce Wife ep 16 cut

28 Feb

Yes, as you can see, I’m totally into TFW now though sadly it’s only showing once a week so I’ll have to patiently wait for the next episode.

I love this part of episode 16! Even though An Zhen slapped Wei En in public (ep 13) after finding out about the affair, there ain’t no satisfaction in that slap. In fact, ep 13 = a lot of rage so I shan’t recap (unless someone requests? I guess I don’t mind doing a summary and curse Rui Fan some more along the way). It takes someone like Rui Xuan to put Wei En and her brother in place and I actually applauded after this scene. Haa, I need to be less invested in dramas.

*starts from 1.23*
WE: Brother Kang De, Sister Rui Xuan.

RX: You still have the cheek to come here. Please don’t call me sister. Who doesn’t know you’re a dirty thing that specialises in ‘eating’ your brother-in-law. I’ll have bad luck if you call me sister!

KD: Dirty thing. (lol, I love the way he said it)

WE: I know you guys are still angry with me, but Rui Fan and I truly love each other. If you are willing to accept me, I will show you my utmost sincerity and Rui Fan will also be happy.

KD: *rolls eyes* Ok, I see, hey wife, they called us out not to show concern for An Zhen, it’s to force us to accept their ‘reality’.

RX: Let’s go, who cares to eat this meal.

RF: Is there any meaning to what you’re doing? One is my sister and another my buddy, I only said I love Wei En because I care about you guys. This is a fact that cannot be changed.

KD: WEN RUI FAN. What nonsense are you saying? Now you’re mistaking wilfulness for character and selfishness for confidence. (I love this line due to the play on words)

RX: Well said. All of us, including yourself, have spoilt you. Do you really think you can do whatever you want?

RF: Are you done? I’ll bring Wei En home in a couple of days and tell Mom and Dad that An Zhen and I have divorced and I want to be with her (Wei En).

KD: Are you nuts??

RF: We’ve already divorced, how long more do you want me to pretend? I’ve had enough of hiding and pretending to smile. I can’t take it anymore.

RX: You can’t take it? So Mom and Dad can?

WE: No matter when we tell them, they will get to know about it eventually.

RX: *is PISSED OFF. Picks up a chopstick and points at WE* I’m warning you for the last time. You thoroughly dirty thing, I basically treat you as non-existent bacteria so you better keep your mouth shut, do you understand??

*skip to 3:53*

RX: Let’s go. Doesn’t it make you sick to look at this adulterous pair here? (standing ovation for you sista!)

After all the angst and rage, let’s relax with some funny behind the scenes.

ROFL, Xiao Zhen is hilarious. ‘If the ratings get past 4, you can get 4 friends and beat up Wen Rui Fan on set! If it get past 5, you can get your friends to beat up Li Wei En! If it gets past 6, you can get 4 friends to hit on Wang Yu Sheng (the actor that plays Tian Wei). eh, I mean you can talk to Wang Yu Shen on set.

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