blood pressure rising

27 Feb

Watching The Fierce Wife is pretty rage-inducing. You’d wanna bitch slap Rui Fan and Wei En senseless, throw them in front of a train and then feed them to the sharks. Yea, that’s how much hate they deserve. Yes Wei En, I know your parents died divorced (? I’m not sure) and you have issues, but sleeping with your cousin’s husband (and said cousin let you stay in her house out of the kindness of her heart) then asking the husband to divorce his wife because ‘you have no one else’ just makes you a selfish pathetic slut. After seeing poor An Zhen getting bullied left right centre by those 2, I was very happy when Rui Xuan didn’t mince her words and gave Wei En a good dressing down at the restaurant. I can’t remember her exact words, but Wei En was essentially labelled a dirty thing and bacteria. Yea, apt description there Rui Xuan.

And Rui Fan. Arg. So, according to you, since your marriage only has responsibility and respect left, you think it’s pointless to hold on to it further. You and Wei En have true lurvvvvv going on and since your wife has a daughter and supportive relatives/friends, while poor Wei En doesn’t have anything (even her cat died! awww, sob sob), it’s a mystery why your wife refuses to sign the divorce papers. So you decide to be helpful by grabbing your hysterical wife’s hand and force her to sign the papers – while she’s in a neck brace on the hospital bed. Wen Rui Fan, you and your slut mistress are so incredibly selfish it boggles my mind.

ok, breathe………. I guess the reason why TFW evokes such strong emotions from the viewers is because the characters are all realistically portrayed. This is something that I could imagine happening to people around me or even to ourselves.

I’m looking forward to episode 17. The tables are starting to turn, what with Rui Fan losing his job and his parents picking on Wei En. On the other hand, An Zhen gets help from Tian Wei and gains confidence. Sui Tang is gorgeous when dressed up!

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