tale of 2 cities

24 Feb

I’m craving a lakorn but there’s nothing on right now that interests me. I’m looking forward to ‘Slave of Love’ but I have no idea when that is coming out. Anyone has recommendations?

The only new drama I’m currently following is Tale of 2 Cities which is turning out to be more enjoyable than I had expected. Ya Le/Wentao kinda reminds me of Alin/Din in SSH. She’s the ditzy heiress with a heart who has fallen on hard times and is forced to work for her keep at her Aunt’s bridal store and he’s the serious photographer who can’t stand her nonsense. Rui En’s acting in the first couple of episodes felt a little forced, probably because she’s never done such a ‘girly’ role before but she’s gradually easing into it and I’m definitely liking Ya Le.

I also love the other pairing of Le Yao/Ouyang Ming. Both are materialistic and like to live it up without putting in hard work – her aim in life is to marry a rich man while he’s always dreaming of striking it rich at the stock market – but they are such realistic characters that you can’t hate them. I especially like Ouyang Ming. He may be a frivolous playboy but if he’s your friend, you’ve got your back covered. They are best buds at the moment and he’s helping her to snag the CEO of his company … I wonder how they will fall for each other?

A slice of Le Yao/Ouyang Ming dynamic.
ETA: just caught up with epi 7 … heehee, Ouyang Ming is so funny.

Also re-watching ‘Demi god and semi devils’ 2003 version. I never noticed that Qiao Feng and Ah Zhu held hands! eeeeeee, they are so sweet together. Gah, but the sweet scenes are so heartbreaking because I know what’s awaiting them. ;___;

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