oh boy

15 Feb

New and younger boy idol groups are always coming out but my age has nowhere to go but up so I’ve gone from fangirling older guys (Backstreet Boys) to my peers (KAT-TUN) to boys born in a different decade. Sigh. Maybe I should stop watching Korean variety shows with idol groups. They get me hooked on adorkable boys and I get reduced to a puddle of goo when they do things like make cute faces on tv.

I’ve heard a couple of Shinee’s hit songs due to their immense popularity but I wasn’t a fan … not till ‘Hello Baby’ got me in with the overflowing cute-ness of both baby Yooguen and appa Shinee.

Key is too much of a diva for him to not be my favourite.

Flaming charisma Minho is such a great daddy to Yooguen.

It’s great to know that Shinee still keeps in touch with Yooguen after ‘Hello Baby’ ended. The bond they share gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. ❤

But first place appa is forever Key!

Moving on, let’s spazz over JongKey.


Yes, I know it’s just fanservice, but please do continue.

2 Responses to “oh boy”

  1. jamieguo48 February 15, 2011 at 8:54 PM #

    I like Shinee as well, and yes, it was “Hello Baby” that energized my liking for them.

    Before that, I had enjoyed several songs of theirs, “Replay,” and “You,” but it wasn’t until their last album that I really became a fan.

    They have the tightest choreography that they perform wonderfully and they’re getting better all the time. I do hate their stage outfits most of the time though.

    • J February 16, 2011 at 1:58 AM #

      Haa, after my experience with Johnny’s boys, Kpop stage outfits don’t faze me at all. ‘Ring Ding Dong’ was my first Shinee song but I only paid attention to them when ‘Lucifer’ came out because I loved the choreography (I must have watched the dance practice version a million times). Of course, it was only until I caught ‘Hello Baby’ recently that I started to fangirl them.
      I’m catching up on their old songs and I’m loving the choreography on ‘Replay’ and ‘Juliette’ too.

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